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Letter: Raising the level of invective

As an occasional contributor to the Monitor, Grant Bosse was interesting. He has an ability to look at an issue from new angles and seems to have an inexhaustable supply of information about prior activity from some secret source. His writing encourages re-thinking and the possibility of new approaches.

As a regular columnist his writing is disappointing. The level of his venom has increased. He seems more interested in criticizing individuals than examining the merits of any idea or action.

This week his attack on the funding for the study of the Capital Corridor rail project is amazing in its lack of thought and sneering descriptions (“Trains? No way! Gas tax? Maybe . . .,” Sunday Monitor Viewpoints, Jan. 20).

He claims to have documented why commuter rail is a bad idea for New Hampshire, but he does not say where he has documented it or share any of that wisdom with us. He just tells us what a terrible idea he thinks it is.

He seems to be approving of an increase in the gasoline tax but gets so wound up in bemoaning the fact that sometimes the state has spent money on other important concerns besides roads, that it is hard to be sure that he is advoacating an increase, or how large an increase.

Bosse seems much more interested in raising the level of invective than the level of knowledge. Surely the Monitor can find a better local columnist.



Legacy Comments3

Arthur, I think you're misremembering the level of venom in my past columns. I've always tried to level sharp criticism at bad ideas without attacking anyone personally. I continue to appreciate the Monitor's decision to give me space to share views often opposed to its own. We share a commitment to open debate. Commuter rail subsidy is a boondoggle. The notion that this study will find anything new is just silly. We have the information we need to make an informed decision.

I'd have taken the gig in a heartbeat had they offered it to me. I'd have welcomed the step up from Board of Contributers. Guess it wasn't meant to be. I was scrolling through the upper end of the AM dial recently and heard on a local talk station, "stay tuned after the break, we'll have our weekly talk with Grant Bosse." Guess Grant's found himself quite a niche.

It appears that young Grant continues to violate The Peter Principle.

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