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Letter: Buy American

I’m driving a 20-year-old F-150 that’s in good shape. Why don’t I see any old Toyotas on the road if they are so superior? Wonder how many Tundras, Titans and Priuses will still be on the road 20 years after rolling out of the factory? I doubt many. Buy American. It’s not Ford versus Chevy. It’s American versus foreign vehicles.


Center Barnstead

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I will never ever ever ever ever buy a FORD again .......My last brand new Ford lasted 14,000 miles before 1st major front end work - .......transmission went at 40,000 just after warranty expired....the Toyota in the car stable has 100,000 and not even a brake job - just oil

Hey Derek, My brother is driving a 27 year old f-150. I drive a 15 year old Tacoma and a 19 year old Miata. The car companies are building rigs better and it doesn't matter if it's a Ford or Toyota. I've driven Chevys all my life and loved them. I love Toyota's and Honda's now. My future retirement vehicle will be a Honda Ridgeline.

The Tundra is built in the U.S. My Subaru (including the engine) was built completely in the U.S. The Ford Edge and Flex in Canada, the Ford Fusion in Mexico. How do I "buy American"? Isn't the goal to support American workers?

The goal is to first buy what you really want. The second part of anyone's goal is to buy the best product for the money, the best value. If I feel bad for the guy with the restaurant in Hooksett and I live there and everyone is telling me that I need to support the local restaurant but his product is not good, I will go to Manchester to a restaurant there. Quality, comfort, engineering, price, product life, etc are all important. My Toyota's have lasted 200,000 miles, my Hondas have lasted that long as well. My Dodge Ram 50 fell apart at 100,000 miles. But no one should buy just because something is made in the USA just because it is to support American workers. If the product is not good (see Chevy, Chrysler) then is is not good. The Honda wishbone suspension is far superior to many American suspensions for instance yet American engineers were far too proud to follow suit for years. Yes, US cars are improving now but for the most part they have not come close to foreign cars.

The Dodge Ram 50 was produced for Chrysler corp by Mitubishi I had one of those too. the dealership had to replace my front transefer case 3 times till they got a good one (it was a 4wd). The Chevy Cruize is produced in Venezuela. My wife's Subuaru is made in Ft Wayne Indiana with 80% american parts. Today there are no true 100% cars made in America. The Vin tells you where the majority of the car was put together. I agree with you here Itsa, buy the best product for the money and the best value.

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