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Letter: Myopia on the left

There are two things that are on my mind as I puzzle over the myopia of the left.

The first is that the top 10 percent of earners in the United States pay 70 percent of the taxes. These people are our top producers, our “meal tickets” if you will, and any tax policy under discussion must understand that we need to keep people like this producing and, if possible, create conditions so there will be more of them. The left seems to believe that tax policy which discourages people like this from being as productive and that makes being like this less attractive will somehow generate more money to the federal coffers.

The other issue is our $16 trillion debt. This burden poses a greater danger to future Americans than any other issue facing us today. Yet the left wants us to continue to ignore this growing and ominous threat to future generations so the current “me generation” can continue to live a life of entitlement. It is grossly immoral to foist this debt on the young people of this country. Generations x, y and z need to wake up and discover that the only thing standing between them and future misery are those grumpy old gray-haired obstructionist Republicans.



Legacy Comments1

I agree completely that it is grossly unfair for the "me" generation to burden Gen X and other "youngsters" with the bill for their entitlements but I disagree that catering to the wealthy is the solution. The solution is to cut back on entitlements NOW so everyone shares the pain and to revise tax policies to benefit the middle class--the real economic engine of the US.

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