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The Works Bakery says cyberattack targeted customer information

The Works Bakery Cafe, a popular bagel and sandwich shop in downtown Concord, announced today that it has been the victim of a cyberattack, targeting customer credit and debit card information.

Don Brueggeman, the shop’s owner, said the attack was companywide, affecting each of the franchise’s seven locations over the past few days, and that state and federal authorities have since routed and eliminated the virus. Brueggeman said he has replaced all of the shop’s hard drives and added security measures to prevent a similar attack from occurring again.

“I want everyone to know that we take this very seriously and understand that it’s at the least a nuisance,” he said, adding that authorities have yet to find a culprit or determine exactly how many customers have had a problem.

He said his wife’s bank put a freeze on her account after it detected suspicious transactions following a purchase she made at the shop.

Any customer who believes his or her information may have been compromised should contact their bank immediately, Brueggeman said.

Legacy Comments1

As a person that has had a credit card number (not the actual card) stolen, used for ~$2K with the police or insurance making no effort to find the person; I ask why can changeable “PIN” numbers not be allowed on the card. There is nothing secure about giving out your CC number and then give out the 3 digit pin on the back - you have just given every bit of information needed to use the CC number forever. One can change their password (PIN) on this site everyday but not a CC. If I could change my PIN number, after using the card I could simply change the PIN and the CC number is now useless.

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