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Letter: A moral obligation

Re “New Hampshire pays for alcohol revenue” (Monitor Forum, Jan. 31):

I appreciated Tym Rourke’s piece on problem drinking in New Hampshire. He certainly had all his numbers in order.

Indeed, the state should have a moral obligation to deal with the problems that arise as a result of New Hampshire’s aggressive marketing of alcohol. It was disheartening to learn there are loopholes through which the state digresses on these obligations.

Drinking becomes a daily activity much as any other. It’s the New Hampshire way – but not one that contributes to the New Hampshire advantage.

There is the very human side borne by families with a member struggling with excessive consumption. There is a personal toll being taken on the people who care for these individuals. Saddest of all is to see this problem perpetuated from one generation to another.

Trying to make a change makes sense. The loss of productivity and negativity are adversely affecting its best resource: its people.



Legacy Comments2

You cannot mandate human behavior. Folks are going to do what they want. We have services in NH for help with addiction issues. Where do you draw the line about who is reposnible? Reminds me of my kid's teacher that promised an ice cream social if they learned their multiplication tables. 4 kids in the class did not learn the tables so the teacher said no ice cream social. So the kids that obeyed the rules got treated like the kids that disobeyed the rules. I am all for supporting programs. When do we start admiting that we cannot save everybody from their poor choices?

Even a complete bleeding heart like me sees great value in programs - not the inaptly named Department of Corrections - to save me from other people's poor choices. As far as people doing what they want. If one does things without thinking of the harm they are doing to others whether excessive drinking, compulsive gambling, reckless driving or irresponsible firearms handling, isn't that a partial description of a sociopath?

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