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Letter: Bill bans workplace bullying

I would like to bring to your attention to House Bill 591, which would prohibit bullying in the public work place.

As we all know, bullying occurs in our schools, and the Legislature has passed laws in the recent past to deter such behavior and require school officials to take action. Unfortunately, state law does not provide appropriate pathways to provide adequate relief to employees who have been harmed by abusive work environments. If employees subjected to bullying by coworkers or supervisors cannot establish the behavior was motivated by race, creed, color, age, marital status, disability or national origin, they are unlikely to be protected by the law against such treatment.

This bill was introduced by Rep. Dianne Schuett of Pembroke and is cosponsored by Reps. Susan Emerson, Janice Schmidt, Frank Davis, Alan Turcotte, Virginia Irwin, Sylvia Gale and Caroletta Alicea.

HB 591 will be heard by the House Labor Committee on Feb. 19 at 2 p.m. I encourage readers to provide oral and/or written testimony to the committee encouraging them to vote to prohibit bullying in the workplace.



Legacy Comments6

Why don't they just ban the Tea Party? And the Free State Movement? That should take care of most of the bullying.

Or we could ban Obama, most progressives, the Left leaning press including the Monitor and the Monitor editors. That would take care of bullying. Have you read the comments on here from progressives? Talk about bullying. I was bullied in a job once by two lesbians, long before homosexuality was ever discussed openly. They promoted women and brought in more folks like themselves while giving others a hard time. Later in my career I was able to stop one of them for working for another company where I was employed by simply relating that story. Payback always comes to bullies in spades, most work places are hostile due to the fact that self serving narcissists are out more for themselves than the place where they work.....

We have 180 federal workplace laws. I would think that if you are bullied in the workplace, that you could find one of those 180 laws that would apply to why you are being bullied based on race. gender,disability, age, etc. We have too many laws as it is and lawyers are masters at getting around them. And you folks wonder why many businesses do not want to hire folks. You cripple them with all your mandates. Cripes you cannot even ask why someone was fired from a previous job anymore.

Jobs and employment are a function of overall, aggregate demand. Employers hire when their goods and services are in demand. It's that simple. Demand for goods and services comes from a strong middle class. Minimum wage laws, strong unions, a strong regulatory system, and a fair tax structure combined to create a strong middle class after WW2. The Republican Right has now been engaged (with an occasional assist from Democrats) in dismantling the middle class for 30 years. Their blind obedience to the imagined glories of free markets are destroying the middle class, creating a permanent underclass of cheap labor, and siphoning billions to the 1%. Who are busy outsourcing jobs, gaming the tax system, demanding still more tax cuts and using their wealth not to create jobs but to make new stock market bubbles that will come crashing down upon us.

we have an abundant "permanent underclass of cheap labor" due to the colossal failure of the liberal union democrat dominated public school system

Minimum wage jobs are not full time life long jobs. They are for teens and those who simply are unmotivated. If we raise minimum wage jobs, for instance, if we raise minimum wages from $7 to $9, those earning $9 will expect to be raised to $11. That means that the cost of goods and services will rise to that companies which often operate on razor thin margins can continue to employ people. Unions once had a place in society but are unnecessary today and the members and leaders are basically a cancer on the market, the economy and our prosperity. A regulatory system that ruins lives and turns America's breadbasket to protect some obscure fish like the Delta Smelt is oppressive. A strong middle class can only happen if government steps aside and allows the market to create jobs which is the only way to create GDP. The 1% whom you are jealous of, don't appreciate and have little respect for pay over 60% of the freight, the top 50% pay 98% while the folks you want to siphon off money to may virtually nothing and suck at the nipple of others. Pharmaceutical companies don't get subsidies and you folks use "subsidy" to make it seem as if we give them money. They follow the tax code which was for the most part, designed by Democrats. Of course that would be real Democrats, not the Socio-Communicrats which call themselves Democrats today. And let's get this straight, we are entering our 5th straight year of recession, there is no recovery. To you folks is is the new normal.....that is settling.

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