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Letter: Shovel your walks, please

While driving around Concord Sunday morning, I noticed all the impassable sidewalks. Isn’t it about time that homeowners should be responsible for opening the sidewalks?

It is hit or miss in this town. Maybe there should be a city ordinance that requires this to happen. Also, why do people deliberately plow their drives in such a way that huge mounds of snow block the walkways? I thought that was not allowed. While the city tries to open the sidewalks, they are overwhelmed with a storm like this. It’s time the citizens of the city takes some responsibility and clear their sidewalks.



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Seriously, less than 1 day after a blizzard, and you're offended that the sidewalks aren't yet plowed? Get real. Punish those who pay taxes that fund snow removal for not shoveling the sidewalk? When those same tax dollars pay for sidewalk plowing? Only in Concord would someone propose a scheme like that. Maybe we should just make them all shovel the street in front of their home too, then salt and sand it, huh? At their expense I mean.

I thought globul warming was going to eliminate this by now

Sally, Most of us do try to keep the walks open and hydrants clear. My snowthrower was not big enough to do the 5 feet or so of snow covering the sidewalk this time. Believe me I tried and quit before I broke my machine. The city has larger machines that will have to help this time. Pembroke RD

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