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Letter: An NRA shopping guide

In Katy Burns’s column “Enemies galore” (Sunday Monitor Viewpoints, Feb. 10) she demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of the NRA and gun owners and does not allow facts to distort her view.

If Burns would kindly access the NRA-ILA website where the lists are published, she might be surprised that they are innocuously titled: “Anti-gun national organizations” on down to “Anti-gun journalists.”

I was unable to find the use of any form of the word “enemy” in these lists, nor any mention of the words dead or death. In addition, her labeling of the NRA and American gun-owning members as “people who seem to worship guns above all else” is highly misguided at best. It’s odd that among hundreds of NRA members I have met, not one fits Burns’s description.

The old adage “money talks” is the first thing that comes to my mind when perusing these lists. So, Ms. Burns, these lists are actually a “shopping guide” for individuals who care about erosion of their rights. We can now make an informed decision regarding which products or services we purchase or use.

The NRA is a lobbying organization that supports gun rights, but let’s look at some numbers. The NRA’s 2012 expenditures totaled $3 million. Hollywood, including TV, movies and music, totaled $117 million.

One of our greatest freedoms is that of speech. It’s unfortunate that Burns chooses to use her writing skills to propagate her hate-filled comments.



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Dan...I'm having hard time thinking of which group you mean. Could you help me out here. And, BTW-it is 'ought to'. Thanks.

Excellent point Mr. Flora! Just remember . . . change one little letter in NRA and you have the biggest, most powerful lobbying group on the left. I aughta know I'm a member of it - and consider it a necessary evil in today's anti-public sector times.

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