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Letter: Burying the news

After reading the letters in Wednesday’s Monitor, I’ve concluded that I must be the only one who didn’t get Saturday’s paper. I was in hopes that it would arrive on Sunday or Monday morning, but alas it was a no-show.

I surmise that mine was delivered during the wee hours of the morning and thrown into the unknown of my parking area where it soon became obliterated by the storm. It was then perhaps incorporated into the snow bank on Saturday when the parking area was plowed out. I guess I’ll get to read it in the spring when it thaws from its resting place deep in the mountain of snow outside my window. Just a hazard of living in New England and having a house that is difficult to reach, I suppose, since the Monitor delivery is normally phenomenal.



Legacy Comments1

No Rick you were not the only one! I had to call the circulation number and request another one. Ken Mailloux

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