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Letter: Back to the future

With only a couple weeks left before “sequestration,” House Speaker John Boehner is bombastically digging in his heels, demanding spending cuts and no new revenues.

This, after $1.7 trillion in spending cuts last year, the federal deficit on the decrease three years in a row and $737 billion in “old” revenue returning to U.S. Treasury cash flow this year. (Psst! I think Boehner, Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell still want to steal our Social Security.)

I have a better resolution. If the White House and Congress have not come to a “balanced approach” to budget resolution by Feb. 22, I suggest they pass a law dumping present tax code immediately replacing it with 1986 tax code.



Legacy Comments1

By their actions, Senator McConnell, Rep.s Boehner, Ryan, and Cantor continue to show how much they are owned by the rich conservatives. On bended knee, they continue protecting the very rich from tax rates that were in place in the 1950s. How the middle class can support these politicians is beyond my understanding.

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