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Letter: An appalling comment from state legislator

It pains me to have to appeal to the public through this means, as I normally believe everyone has a right to their opinion, no matter how obscure, as long as it isn’t a harm to others. In this case, it is a harm, a serious harm to others.

This week, at a public hearing, Republican Rep. Donald LeBrun of Nashua suggested that perhaps there was a less expensive way to deal with those people with disabilities, and that they should consider voluntary euthanasia. I hope the voters of Nashua are ashamed.

This man sits on the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee! If he is representing this constituency by suggesting suicide, I am asking that we immediately demand his resignation. Not only is that thinking appalling, but he is in a position where that kind of thinking is not only allowed, but very public.

Please know who you are voting for, and remove this fool from any form of representation of those with any disability.



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NOT SO FAST Robin! Read the Capital Beat in today's Monitor!

Amen, IAR. Progressives and Liberals might wanna be careful what they wish for. They just might get it...

I agree this man intent is about worshiping the all holy dollar. But I disagree that that any discourse or eventual civilized way for those who wish to end their life in dignified and controlled manner are allowed to do so.

Anything dealing with euthanasia is distasteful. Unfortunately, with Obamacare in place, soon, bureaucrats will be indirectly making that call.

By denying health care to people who can not afford it, Republicans are the ones DIRECTLY making that call.

Incendiary nonsense. First, one of "yours" made that call, instead you and FLD chimed in with a dig at ACA/Obamacare. Your views are well-known, and generally unsupported by the facts on any given issue--which is why you include so few of them. Your reference is to Betsy McCaughey's "Death Panels" claim--dubbed the "Lie of the Year" in 2009. It was an incendiary term intended to mislead and scare. Critics of the ACA charge that the Healthcare Advisory Board--the so-called 'death panel' will lead to rationing of healthcare. Instead, what it will do is rationalize care. There will be no more 'rationing' than under the present system--arguably less, given that our current mess leaves so many millions uninsured and without primary, preventive care. That's the kind of rationing we do in this country now--based on how much you can afford to pay--the kind you're perfectly fine with because you don't even see it as rationing. A truly 'rational' healthcare system--one based on prevention and life-long fitness (which would mean discouraging the marketing of junk foods and sodas--there goes one's 'freedom' to eat himself/herself to death! and a corporation's 'right' to make a buck off it!) would target the prevention of chronic health conditions, which are responsible for half the growth of healthcare costs in this country. If you were really concerned with out-of-control healthcare costs in this country, you might feel less outrage at the loss of 'freedoms' you perceive when it is suggested that soda be taxed, or 32 oz. sodas be banned. Some people have curious notions of "freedom", if they see nothing wrong with having the 'right' to market a product that contributes significantly to the nation's healthcare costs--not to mention the personal toll taken in the loss of human productivity, and can't find anything right in a healthcare reform effort that genuinely attempts to improve healthcare for all Americans.

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