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Letter: A cold, seductive snake

I join with the Concord Monitor (“Casinos still not worth the gamble,” editorial, Jan. 27) in strongly opposing casino gambling in the Granite State. The admittedly desperate need to find sources of revenue to fund many of Gov. Maggie Hassan’s laudable programs cannot justify going down this dark path.

There is nothing concerning family values, or natural beauty, the hallmarks of New Hampshire exceptionalism, to be found in a casino. They will be built and controlled by powerful out-of-state gambling empires who have no interest in keeping New Hampshire the special place it is. The fact that Massachusetts is building them is reason enough to fear the long-term consequences. We do not need to pick up this cold, seductive snake and embrace it, knowing the inevitable result: the poisoning of New Hampshire values. Say no to casino gambling.



(The writer is a member of the New Hampshire Bar and a retired federal prosecutor.)

Legacy Comments2

Mr. Garrigan: Where then, is New Hampshire to get the money to run the State. Dumping their responsibilities upon the towns and property tax payers is not fair. If gambling is so unacceptable to you, than a sales or income tax is needed. But you no doubt don't like that either. If New Hampshire is to progress ahead, we need a revenue source, which no longer can continue to come from the towns and property tax payers. They, my friend are all tapped out. Reality check time!!

" tax payers. They, my friend are all tapped out." Most of them, including my family, pretty much is. On the other hand, the wealthiest in our dear state are getting away with bloody murder. The property tax is ugly-regressive, unfairly burdening those least able to pay it. It really is time for the general public to shed the scales from their eyes and see that only a moderately progressive income tax can do the trick. Reality check yourself: gambling is fool's gold. It's only virtue(?) is that we who don't play can pump ourselves up with a false sense of moral superiority.

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