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Who won the Monitor’s political caricature contest?

Here’s what we learned from the great caricature contest of 2013:

1. Wayne King, a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, looks sort of like Jimmy Kimmel.

2. Few local readers know what former Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Keough looks like.

3. Apparently, if you squint, former U.S. senator Bob Smith might remind you of Pat Buchanan – or the older, larger version of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee.

4. Former Virginia governor Doug Wilder is a dead-ringer for comedian/presidential candidate Pat Paulsen.

5. Some readers see a likeness between former legislator Fran Wendelboe and state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark.

6. Monitor readers really, really like politics.

Last Sunday’s Viewpoints section included a political quiz. We republished 50 caricatures and asked players to identify as many as they could. The pictures were drawn by Monitor cartoonist Mike Marland – some were recent; some were more than 20 years old. All depicted figures on the political stage, some local, some national. The prize for the contestant with the best score: a caricature of him- or herself, drawn by Marland.

We received scores of entries – and most were really good. In the end, the best score was 48 out of 50 answers correct. A handful of players met that bar, so we have picked a winner at random from that rarefied group. Congratulations, Erle Pierce!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to check your work, the correct answers are above. Enjoy.

Legacy Comments1

Really? Two Bob Smiths? That is Bruce Keough not Dick Flynn? Lots of fun. Thanks much!

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