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My Turn: What law are we breaking?

I am homeless and quite unemployable due to my age and my health. I am awaiting a disability appeals hearing in July, as I was initially turned down, and the state stopped my APTD (Aid to People with Disabilities) payments, so when I  went  to get my rent  money  last Jul,y there was no money on my card.

Without any money or work, I had no place to live and had to stay in the emergency shelter this past winter, for which I am very grateful. When the shelter closed in March, I went to set up camp down by the tracks. This let me and other homeless friends be near the Friendly  Kitchen, Open Hands for clothing and the Concord Homeless Resource  Center  to connect with housing and other  agencies,  to have access to a shower as well as laundry vouchers.

When the Concord police came through the camps saying we had to move from that area by the tracks, other homeless friends and I moved to a quiet, unused, non-posted  wooded area.  Recently we were told that the area we live in is now being  declared  a no-camping area. If we are still there on Wednesday, our  possessions  will be taken and disposed of.

My friends and I have called to ask what law we are breaking by using the public land. What authority does the agency posting the notice have to declare a section of public property unavailable to the public? We, of course, still do not have an answer.

(Frank  Sobol lives in Concord.)

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In full view you now see what the democrat party is all about.....they have controlled Concord govt forever

And in full view you have modern (as distinguished from the more human / humane form that existed until the Reagan revolution) conservatives' lack of concern for the needy except to use them as symbolic clubs with which to bludgeon those who are charged with fixing an intractable problem. Oh, sail, those folks ought to just haul themselves up by their bootstraps, eh? Or maybe you'd like to buy them a one way bus ticket and let them be somebody else's problem.

Sail has well documented his concern for the needy. Those long in power at the city level in Concord, not so much. You stand corrected.

our band of humble helpers do more for the elderly, homeless, low income and disabled in one day than every liberal I know do in a are so far off base you have no idea who does what out there....facts are conservatives give more and do more than liberals even dream of......I know of a family in Bow that needs a refrigerator..I will see you at Major Brands tomorrow at 10:00 - bring your checkbook can pitch in with us to buy and deliver it

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