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Editorial: Bipartisan effort pays off for Concord travelers

Turns out, politicians really can do more than just talk. They can do more than plot against each other for partisan advantage. They can put aside giant philosophical debates and actually get something done for the people who elected them.

There’s been precious little sign of such behavior, either at the State House or in Washington in recent months (or years). But this week sure brought a sign of hope: Republican Sen. David Boutin, Democratic Sen. Sylvia Larsen and Democratic Rep. Candace Bouchard brought to fruition a small project that could mean a big improvement in the lives of their constituents.

Thanks to them, bus service between Concord and the Manchester airport will begin in July. There will be 12 daily trips, and the cost for passengers will be just $4. The service will start as a one-year pilot program and, after nine months, officials will decide whether it can be made permanent. The legislators are hoping there will be a seamless transition.

Travelers who live in the Concord area have put up with this particular irritant for years. Until now there has been no public transportation between the capital and the airport. Parking at the airport is pricey, as is the cost of a taxi between Concord and Manchester. And there are only so many times you can impose on friends to schlep down there for you. In some ways, getting to chaotic Logan International Airport in Boston can seem like less of a headache – an argument not lost on Manchester airport officials.

Boutin, Larsen and Bouchard have been working hard to make this happen since January. They engaged the Manchester Transit Authority, the airport, the state Department of Transportation and two regional planning commissions.

It’s not peace in the Middle East. It’s not a balanced federal budget or an end to global warming. But if you live in the Concord area, it’s good news from the State House from politicians who actually know how to get things done.

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Why is it the pols do not check out things before they come up with these big improvements? If you want to fly to NYC from Manchester it will cost you $707.00 for that 45 minute non stop ride. You can get that price down to 430.00 if your willing to take a flight to NYC that stops in Phillie first. Fly out of Boston non stop and it is $343.00. And there are many flights to pick from. Manchester has one airline that has decent prices. That is Southwest to Orlando or Tampa. That is it. Everybody flies out of Boston because it is 300 to 400 dollars cheaper.. Folks in MA use Boston because of the price also. Manchester Airport is very expensive and offers fewer flights and times, period.

They could have just used to Concord Trolly - nobody else is.

My gut feeling is this wont get used much. If I am going to have to drive 1/2 hour to Concord to park and pick up a bus, I'll just skip it and drive the next 1/2 hour to the airport. There are cheaper options to park, like using the Budget lot and the shuttle. They wash and vacuum your car there too. NYC did a similar thing years ago. Train service to the airport from downtown. No one uses it.

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