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Gambling in the Granite State

How Merrimack Co. representatives voted on N.H. casino bill

The New Hampshire House yesterday voted, 199-164, to kill a bill allowing a single casino in New Hampshire. The bill had passed the Senate on March 14 on a 16-8 vote.

Here’s how Merrimack County’s representatives voted on the motion to kill Senate Bill 152. Twenty-eight voted “yes” to kill the bill, and 15 voted “no” to oppose the motion to kill it.


∎ Rep. Caroletta Alicea, Boscawen Democrat

∎ Rep. Chris Andrews, Bow Democrat

∎ Rep. Candace Bouchard, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Scott Burns, Franklin Democrat

∎ Rep. David Karrick, Warner Democrat

∎ Rep. Sally Kelly, Chichester Democrat

∎ Rep. Frank Kotowski, Hooksett Republican

∎ Rep. Dick Patten, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Mario Ratzki, Andover Democrat

∎ Rep. Katherine Rogers, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Thomas Schamberg, Wilmot Democrat

∎ Rep. Dianne Schuett, Pembroke Democrat

∎ Rep. Joy Tilton, Northfield Democrat

∎ Rep. Alan Turcotte, Allenstown Democrat

∎ Rep. Leigh Webb, Franklin Democrat


∎ Rep. Christy Bartlett, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Lorrie Carey, Boscawen Democrat

∎ Rep. Clyde Carson, Warner Democrat

∎ Rep. Frank Davis, Pembroke Democrat

∎ Rep. Karen Ebel, New London Democrat

∎ Rep. Mary Frambach, Epsom Democrat

∎ Rep. June Frazer, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Barbara French, Henniker Democrat

∎ Rep. Mary Stuart Gile, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. David Hess, Hooksett Republican

∎ Rep. Geoffrey Hirsch, Bradford Democrat

∎ Rep. JR Hoell, Dunbarton Republican

∎ Rep. Jane Hunt, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. David Kidder, New London Republican

∎ Rep. Priscilla Lockwood, Canterbury Republican

∎ Rep. Jim MacKay, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Carol McGuire, Epsom Republican

∎ Rep. Dan McGuire, Epsom Republican

∎ Rep. Howard Moffett, Canterbury Democrat

∎ Rep. Mel Myler, Hopkinton Democrat

∎ Rep. Dennis Reed, Franklin Republican

∎ Rep. Chip Rice, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Gary Richardson, Hopkinton Democrat

∎ Majority Leader Steve Shurtleff, Penacook Democrat

∎ Rep. Tom Walsh, Hooksett Republican

∎ Rep. Mary Jane Wallner, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Mary Beth Walz, Bow Democrat

∎ Rep. Rick Watrous, Concord Democrat

Not voting

∎ Rep. Paul Henle, Concord Democrat

∎ Rep. Todd Smith, Hooksett Republican


N.H. House kills Senate’s casino bill, 199-164

Monday, May 20, 2013

The House ended the casino debate in two hours yesterday, killing the Senate’s bill, 199-164, without considering more than a dozen amendments. The bill’s opponents cited concerns about creating a monopoly by legalizing just one casino and approving a casino before the state has adopted rules and regulations. Even Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, a Manchester Republican who supports expanded gambling, urged …

Legacy Comments1

Hooray. Finally a bi-partisan effort, in this case to put a fork in the saucy, yet gaudy casino bill. How long will we mire in peoples bad habits to pay for the costs of" good and necessary government? Our source of fees and large property taxes, can not carry the cost of ever expanding costs. Nor can the non- reliable income from "fools gold" help. Congrats to the Representatives who voted "yes" on ITL But be careful, there remain political" back doors "where this can re-appear.

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