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My Turn: Who will speak for the North State Street sparrows?

Much has been written of late about the displacement of us sparrows from our homes in the windowed alcoves on the North State Street brick wall of the Concord YMCA. We thought it prudent to clarify some of what’s been reported at this time.

Firstly, please understand that we have no voice to chirp, er, speak for us on the matter. This is in direct contrast to some humans recently displaced from their homes behind the Everett Arena, who have ACLU lawyer Barbara Keshen. Cripes, we don’t even have a pecking order within our own society (we’re sparrows; not chickens).

Yet we cannot perch by and allow some of what’s been published to count as fact.

For instance, it is entirely incorrect to suggest we have only recently replaced the pigeons in the alcoves on the brick wall, as reported in the Monitor.

Pigeons, pigeons, it’s always about the bleeping pigeons. Truth is, the pigeons sold their alcove rights to us sparrows for a pack of sunflower seeds back in ’09.

Let us also dispel the rumor that we are killing off the fish at White Park pond, in some convoluted eye-for-an-eye vigilante act of retribution. It ain’t so, but the answer to that little mystery might lie with the blue jays. They probably had nothing to do with it either, but we don’t like them (go Red Sox!). We also want to thank the good citizens of Concord who have expressed sympathy and support regarding the loss of our homes at the Y.

But you won’t find us begging for seed on the corners of your intersections (any sparrow worth its beak knows errant crumbs are more easily swooped up in parked cars).

In closing, we leave you with the winged-prayer that reason will nest in the hearts of those responsible for the screens, restoring us to our alcoved dwellings. Until then, please look and listen for us in the recesses of your ancient church steeples. We thank you all for remaining Sparrow Strong.

– The North State Street Sparrows

(Scott Preston Hardy lives in Concord.)

Legacy Comments1

I suggest the sparrows seek some govt assistance to move and the sparrows should have the govt designate the dwellings for historical status

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