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Ad targets Shaheen, health care law

A conservative advocacy group is airing a tongue-in-cheek ad suggesting New Hampshire families would be reduced to serving their children a single potato chip as a side dish thanks to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s support for President Obama’s health care overhaul law.

The ad produced by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire asks viewers what they would do if their employer cut their hours to avoid penalties under the law. It shows a family dividing a meal for one person among four plates, with each person getting a sliver of a hamburger, a splash of milk and a single chip.

“With skyrocketing health care premiums, New Hampshire is already feeling the pain from Sen. Shaheen’s deciding vote for Obamacare,” said Michael Biundo, a consultant for the advocacy group. “Unfortunately for Granite Staters, the worse may be yet to come.”

Shaheen, a Democrat who is up for re-election next year, has said that the law will help thousands of New Hampshire residents by addressing health care costs and adding stability to coverage.

Her office declined to respond to the ad, but a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said that voters rejected similar health care reform attack ads in 2012 and would do so again in 2014.

“What matters most to voters is Sen. Shaheen’s strong record of fighting for New Hampshire’s middle class and small businesses,” said Justin Barasky. “Republicans have been unable to recruit a serious challenger so now they’ve resorted to desperate, worn out attacks.”

Republican former state senator Jim Rubens has said he is exploring a run against Shaheen. Others said to be considering campaigns are former U.S. representative Frank Guinta and former U.S. representative Jeb Bradley, who now serves as majority leader in the state Senate.

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is spending $110,000 to run the ad on WMUR and New Hampshire cable stations.

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the 100% democrat created disaster known as ObamaKare will be the downfall of our great nation...the low information democrat voter will still believe the massive negative campaign she is ready to release with her $$$$ KaBillions of corporate money she has amassed

Did it ever dawn on you Gen Xer that companies have seen their insurance rates go way up with the ACA? Did it ever occur to you that it is not big business that will suffer from costs of ACA, but small business? This is about staying in business to make a profit, be it a small profit if you are a small business. More costs put on those small businesses will put many of them out of business, or force them to reduce staff or swtrch to parttime hours. That is how it works. But than again, Dems know nothing about making money, they just know about spending money. This ACA is a train wreck. Sit back and watch what is will do. It will not be pretty.

Insurance rates have been going way up for many, many years--before the ACA--even for big business. I'm sure they will continue so--with or without the ACA. We all know why. It's been discussed here many times. I don't think NHTI was about to go under when it cut hours for adjunct staff all the while hiring administrative staff and giving themselves raises. It's about looking out for No. 1. I'm sure plenty of businesses will blame the ACA for personnel changes--whether it's true or not. We'll never know. Small businesses (less than 50 employees) are exempt from the mandate anyway. And for small businesses that DO want to offer health insurance, there will be statewide pools set up to leverage their numbers for better rates. Anyway, like I've said here before, my wagon is hitched to single-payer not the ACA. The ACA at least curbs the insurance industry's worst practices like cherry-picking their clients, dropping coverage of those who are sick, requiring them to limit their profit and overhead to 20% (Medicare is at 3% overhead) and allowing kids to stay on their parents' policy up to age 26. And I can't help but feel like Republicans WANT the ACA to fail even if it hurts a lot of people medically or financially. It's party before country nowadays.

This is a classic, thinly-disguised attack-ad playing off of peoples' most basic instinct: fear. "Be afraid, be very afraid". It's been employed perfectly by ad companies forever and a feature of conservative advertising for 20 years. Now, if a company cuts the hours of it's employees to avoid paying for health insurance or a fine, it most likely wasn't offering health insurance anyway. Not to mention it is immoral. I'd love to know where Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire got $110,000 for this ad but of course, it's a 501(c)(4) "social welfare" group and doesn't have to disclose it's donors.

it doesn't have to disclose its donors because of SETTLED LAW - read the Supreme Court Case in the 1950's called NAACP vs Alabama

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