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A (partial) retirement and a restructuring at the top

We’re writing to announce two significant developments for the newspaper: the semi-retirement of Ralph Jimenez as editorial page editor and a restructuring at the top that will lead to an exciting new daily section and help the Monitor move more quickly in new directions.

Jimenez has worked for the Monitor since the 1980s as a correspondent, staff writer and city editor and is now in his second stint as editorial writer. At the end of June, he’ll officially retire – at least partway. He’ll continue to participate in editorial board discussions and write two editorials a week. Jimenez’s knowledge of the community is unparalleled, and his editorials are both forceful and nuanced, so we’re delighted that we’ll continue to benefit from his counsel and contributions.

With this change will come others.

Belman, currently the editor, will shift into a new role that combines some of Jimenez’s work, elements of her current job – and more.

As our first Ideas & Opinion editor, she will supplement our existing editorial pages with a new, five-times-a-week section that will serve as a vital forum for intelligent and interesting conversation on local and state topics of the day – a section we expect to introduce at summer’s end, and see as a centerpiece of the Monitor for years to come.

Travis, currently the publisher, will become executive editor and publisher. He will retain overall responsibility for the company but will shift many day-to-day business responsibilities to David Sangiorgio, our general manager. Travis’s new role will be a blend of daily newsroom tasks, such as picking the front-page lineup, and driving innovation: building on the newspaper’s many strengths by increasing the pace of experimentation and change.

These changes will formally take effect Monday.

Our goal in making the change is to remain faithful to our core mission – providing strong, independent-minded local journalism – while adapting to rapidly evolving times.

Of course, how well we handle this challenge is ultimately for readers to decide. We hope you’ll share your thoughts as our efforts unfold.

Legacy Comments2

Suggestion: If you want to improve the Monitor do two things: -----Be more balanced in your coverage of the news, placement of stories, etc. -----Do some real investigative reporting. If there is an issue at the state level or city level, investigate it whether or not it exposes nepotism of state workers, corruption of government programs or hypocrisy of progressives. In other words don't allow your own politics to eclipse the truth and expose it.

I have a suggestion, remove some of the political and religious garbage from the paper and add a business section.

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