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Concord police charge 33 at underage drinking party

Kyle Chisolm

Kyle Chisolm

The Concord police have charged 33 individuals who attended an underage drinking house party on Concord Street early Sunday morning, according to a press release.

The police charged 29 people between 16 and 20 years old with unlawful possession of alcohol. Twenty-seven received summons and were released at the scene to an adult; six were taken to the Concord Police Department and processed there, the police said.

Two people were identified as residents of the Concord Street house and were charged accordingly: Kyle Chisolm, 20, was charged with facilitating a drug or underage alcohol house party, and Kyle Buffum, 21, was charged with prohibited sales. The police said at least one other person was identified as helping to facilitate the party and will be arrested at a later date.

Michael Reardon, headmaster of Pembroke Academy, confirmed some of the individuals involved attend the school. However, even if the students are seniors who are set to graduate from Pembroke tomorrow morning, Reardon said the charges will not affect whether they are allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony or other senior activities.

“Some of the kids were athletes, and if things were still in session, we would undoubtedly be taking action,” Reardon said. “But we’re literally in the last couple days of the school year, so that’s not going to be occurring at this point.”

Police officers responded to the gathering about 12:30 a.m. after they received a report of a loud party in the area of 46 Concord St., according to the press release. Upon their arrival, the officers heard loud music and voices and saw containers of alcohol inside the home.

Given the large number of individuals who were charged, Lt. Timothy O’Malley said the group was very cooperative with the officers.

“A couple of people were mouthy, but it was one or two tops, and it wasn’t anything over the top,” he said. “It was a fairly calm group.”

Although one attendee, Austin Braley of Concord, was charged with resisting arrest, O’Malley said he was not violent or fighting with the police in any way. Braley, 18, attempted to conceal himself within the house after the police entered and identified themselves.

Since the majority of individuals were cooperative and were being charged with only violation-level offenses, officers mostly issued summonses and released the attendees to sober adults.

The six people taken into custody and processed at the Concord Police Department included Chisolm, Braley and Christopher Bauman, 22, who had three prior unsettled cash warrants. Braley had two prior unsettled warrants as well.

These warrants usually result from a failure to pay a fine or a failure to appear in court, O’Malley said. Officers are required to take individuals with such warrants to jail unless they have the necessary cash on them at the time of the arrest.

The other three attendees who were taken into full custody were Thomas Ferguson of Pembroke, Joseph St. Germain of Loudon and Brittany Barreto of Loudon, all of whom are 18. The police could have had one of several reasons for processing the three at the police department, O’Malley said.

“Sometimes if we don’t have anyone to release them to, we’ll take them into full custody until we do, or if they’re not 100 percent cooperative, or we feel they’ll continue to be a problem,” he said.

In this case, O’Malley said he believes officers brought Ferguson, St. Germain and Barreto into custody because they did not have a sober adult to release them to.

The following individuals were charged in the Sunday morning incident:

∎ Ferguson, 18, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ St. Germain, 18, of Loudon, possession of alcohol.

∎ Braley, 18, of Concord, resisting arrest. He also had two prior unsettled warrants.

∎ Dylan Lynch, 17, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ Brittany Barreto, 18, of Loudon, possession of alcohol.

∎ Chisolm, 20, of Concord, facilitating a drug or underage alcohol house party.

∎ Kelsey Mihachik, 19, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Kennedi Duval, 18, of Allenstown, possession of alcohol.

∎ Catherine Loiselle, 17, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ Melissa Pellerin, 19, of Manchester, possession of alcohol.

∎ Shannon McGowan, 18, of Chichester, possession of alcohol.

∎ Mariah Mayotte, 17, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Dominyk Smith, 19, of Concord, possession of alcohol.

∎ Garry Hodge, 18, of Concord, possession of alcohol.

∎ Courtney Giddis, 18, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ Heather Herling, 18, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Annie Washburn, 18, of Concord, possession of alcohol.

∎ Daniel Reeves, 18, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Kevin Green, 18, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Colby Fraser, 18, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ Haley Thibeau, 20, of Concord, possession of alcohol.

∎ Cody Merchant, 17, of Concord, possession of alcohol.

∎ George Connolly, 18, of Allenstown, possession of alcohol.

∎ Rene Maher, 18, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ Autrey Gates, 18, of Pembroke, possession of alcohol.

∎ Andrea Halvorsen, 18, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Buffum, 21, of Concord, prohibited sales.

∎ Joseph Grady III, 20, of Vero Beach, Fla., possession of alcohol.

∎ Margaret Ordway, 19, of Epsom, possession of alcohol.

∎ Molly Farmer, 18, of Concord, possession of alcohol.

∎ Ryan Gentry, 20, of Plant City, Fla., possession of alcohol.

Bauman, 22, of Concord was taken to the police department for three unsettled prior warrants, and a 16-year-old was also charged with possession of alcohol.

Braley and Bauman were arraigned Monday and Tuesday, respectively. The remaining arraignment dates are scheduled for July and August.

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Legacy Comments7

Let me post a cautionary tale here: Many years ago, a group of high school seniors showed up to their prom visibly intoxicated. Because they had violated the code of conduct, they were denied entry and barred from participating in their commencement exercises. Most, if not all, were student-athletes. Now in 2013, nearly 3 dozen students are arrested on alcohol-related charges. Many of them were students just days away from graduating. A few, as confirmed, were student-athletes. They may not have been on school property or participating in a school-related activity, but these arrests, on charges that will be on their permanent records, should have been immediate grounds for the same punishment as befell those students long ago.

Most of these people are 18 or over and inside a private home. This is a big to-do about nothing.

Ummmmm . . . except for the fact that the drinking age is 21.

except that possession of alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal, doesn't matter where you are.

Many parents practice the Herd Parenting System. Since we have a lot of parents who fear their kid being angry at them, they rely on other parents to set the rules. If your kid happens to have a circle of friends who have liberal parents, chances are they have no curfew. Parents are best friends with their kids, on their facebook page etc. So if you feel you should set a reasonable curfew for your kid, your the odd man out. Not a lot of parents are willing to go against the "Other parents allow it" deal. I was, and I was informed that I was a weird parent. Now my kid tells me I was right, and a lot of her friends are screwed up, got in trouble, and are immature.

Yes, that is the norm today....I trust my kids but would wonder where they were at 3AM and would never allow that. Parents hold parties and supply the liquor, that was a long time practice for a couple of decades. Now, each one of these teens have a record that will stick with them the rest of their lives.

Did any of the fine parents of these kids wonder where their 16 and 17 year old kids were in the wee hours of the morning???

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