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Our Turn: There is more to ‘truth’ than just the words of the Bible

Re “The true ruling is in the Bible” (Monitor Opinion page, June 29):

The column by the Rev. Brian Fuller, senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, is a well-written testimonial to the belief of a significant portion of Christian believers, both in this neighborhood and elsewhere. Large numbers of people who earnestly believe and profess their understanding of “the faith” will be strengthened by his affirmation of it. They should be.

But not all who seek to follow in the ways and words of the Nazarean Jesus and his Apostle-Architect Paul will be enlightened and affirmed by Fuller’s basic premise and assertion if he bases them only on the literal meaning of specific portions and scripture verses which he cites.

We, as retired ordained ministers in full standing in the United Church of Christ, who both have served the same Lord for a total of more than 85 years in parishes and elsewhere in our respective ministries, testify to what we have experienced in our lives and in the lives of congregants, friends and total strangers who have been drawn to a personal discovery.

It’s not so much the words of Scripture as it is a birth of an awareness of a broader underlying proclamation and incarnation of God’s love: a spirit. There’s more to “truth” than just the “words.” We know there are others who agree.

If there are particular verses of Scripture that illuminate, inspire and strengthen you, hold fast to them, and both cherish and embody them in the living of your life. They are your heritage and your inheritance; they help hold your universe together.

We ask only that in this obviously pluralistic and diverse nation that you also cherish the sincerity of those who march beside you in life, hearing not only your God-given melody but a whole symphony of God’s compassion and love of the human conditions.

We think we shall all have to look both within our Scriptures and within the ever-adapting God-given human awareness and conditions to find expressions of the truths by which we all need to try to live.

Grace, mercy and peace be on all of us!

(The Revs. Richard L. Rush and Robert W. Wood live in Concord.)

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Religion as it ought to be, I think. Thanks.

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