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Mike Marland, July 21, 2013

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Actually Gen X the ACA is managing to kill itself with no help from anybody. You see the plan stinks. Even the union folks hate it and they got a waiver along with many others. No thought was given to business, and how they would turn their employees into part timers or fire folks to get under the 50 or less employee mandate. or the fact that our premiums have gone through the roof. What Pelosi should have said was "We have to pass this law so we can see how really bad it is".

So you really, truly believe that Republicans are just looking out for their fellow Americans. Gallantly fighting the good fight, against all odds because folks are being force-fed a load of bull by Obama the socialist/fascist/communist anti-Christ? You really believe that? I'll tell you what I think. The ACA is not a perfect plan by any stretch. You know I support single-payer. But I think once people see the benefits, they will begin to like it. And THAT'S what Republicans are afraid of. Now I can't guarantee that will happen and neither can you guarantee that the ACA will fail; but I think my version is closer to the truth. Either way, we'll find out in a couple of years.

I actually would not put it that way Gen X. I do not think that the Dems intentionally plan on doing that with anything they propose. I think their mindset is that they think something is a good idea, will help a lot of people, but they seem to have a problem with what happens when they propose these good ideas. The problem in their thinking comes into play when they see how folks react to their plans. The ACA does have a few good points, but it is a disaster on many levels. The ACA will have a huge effect on cost, jobs, quality and wait times for health care, and will in fact discourage folks from becoming doctors. It will also cost more and will have to be rationed. Anything the govt runs turns out badly. Allowing the govt to dictate your health care is a very bad idea.

Republicans are trying to limit the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act in any way possible. There is nothing more to their grandstanding. Yes, it's that simple.

Marland is angry that Republicans want to take it slow but sure and proceed with caution. He would prefer that they act recklessly like the democrats who are going full stem ahead with their train wreck know as ObamaKare.

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