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Editorial: In August, a hint of September

Have you felt it? It doesn’t last all day long, it’s not unpleasant, it doesn’t require wool socks or mittens. Yet every now and then there’s a breeze, a slight one, that seems to be coming from the future – from autumn.

You could feel it Saturday at the Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl football game up in Hanover. Football in August? Yes! And even though the teams – one from Vermont, one from New Hampshire – represented the best of the best from last fall, suddenly it looked like this fall. And that breeze! We saw a fan shiver, ever so briefly, in her flip-flops: the footwear of August in the wind of September.

You could feel it again on Sunday at Rossview Farm amid the blueberry bushes. The sun was warm, but that breeze had a chilly edge to it, a warning perhaps. You could feel it on the forested trails below the berries, too. That’s where we spied the red maple leaf: red! With flecks of yellow for good measure. And it wasn’t alone. Our companion picked up an acorn on the trail – held it and then tossed it away. No need to treasure it; there will soon be more where that one came from.

And later still, at Carter Hill Orchard, where we studied the small boxes of mid-summer plums, we were ultimately distracted by the shelf of Halloween knickknacks just beyond the summer produce. Surely they weren’t expecting anyone to actually buy that stuff now, were they?

We don’t mean to alarm you. Some kids are only now going off to summer camp. People are still painting houses and replacing roofs and racing bicycles around White Park. It’s still easy enough to work up a sweat just mowing the grass – and there’s still plenty of tall grass to mow. And it’s easy enough to get a whiff of burgers and hot dogs sizzling from a half-dozen barbecue grills on a quick walk through town at suppertime.

But we did see a fourth-grader with a math workbook over the weekend. And we did see his mother put on a sweater to guard against that breeze. And surely it didn’t get dark this early last week, did it? Make the most of August: It’s getting easier and easier to remember what comes next.

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anybody that trusts NOAA obviously did not know that in the middle of the night NOAA changed past temperature records - google it to learn

Kinda hard to trust weather forecasters when they cannot even tell you what the weather will be in the next two hours. They constantly give themselves an out by saying there is a 30% chance of rain, thunderstorm, etc. The only profession where you are allowed to be wrong more than you are right and still keep your job. I swear they spend too much time looking at computers, instead of going outside and looking up at the sky!

Will you accept that there is a very big difference between predicting the future and compiling actual measurements from the past? Besides, climate and weather are NOT the same thing, and forecasting weather is completely different from documenting climate change. IMO, those who still persist in conflating weather and climate are either willfully ignorant, or willfully dishonest.

With the unusually cool weather of the last few days, should we expect to see another Mike Marland cartoon about global warming, except this time it will be the sun with icicles hanging from it blowing cold wind onto a shivering Democratic donkey wrapped up in winter clothes with a caption saying "where's my global warming I keep preaching about?". Today's record high was set in 1882 at 98 degrees. Long time for a record to stand. 1955 also had many summer days that reached over 100 degrees and set records that still stand to this day. C'mon Mike, you know global warming is a sham, and so do many of your readers. Give equal cartoon time to the winter crowd.

It's amazing the things we think we know that just aint so.

FACT......there has been no ...No...NO globul warming for 17 years 4 months - google it ....For the readers - Prof Judith Curry the co-author of the report cited by Bruce has now stated emphatically that the earths globul warming pause has been accepted by all and she is now shouting out about the actual cooling since it to be informed

Do you trust NOAA? Take a look at this graph: You can see that your claims are categorically false. The graph is part of this dense report, published last month:

No warming for 17 years? Not true. As usual, your "facts" are cherry-picked to suit the denier agenda, and your usual cut-and-paste headlines from the usual unidentified scandal sheets routinely distort the truth. The paper below (with its abstract) looked at 5 DIFFERENT and INDEPENDENT temperature data sets, 3 surface and 2 satellite, ALL of which show similar trends--UPWARD over the whole time interval. The warming trend remained after they separated "noise" from "signal". Curry is simply wrong if she is indeed claiming "cooling" since 2002--which, BTW, is much less than "17 years 4 months". So which is it, according to your "experts", a cooling interval of 10 years or 17 years? Grant Foster and Stefan Rahmstorf 2011 Environ. Res. Lett. 6 044022 doi:10.1088/1748-9326/6/4/044022 Global temperature evolution 1979–2010 "We analyze five prominent time series of global temperature (over land and ocean) for their common time interval since 1979: three surface temperature records (from NASA/GISS, NOAA/NCDC and HadCRU) and two lower-troposphere (LT) temperature records based on satellite microwave sensors (from RSS and UAH). All five series show consistent global warming trends ranging from 0.014 to 0.018 K yr−1. When the data are adjusted to remove the estimated impact of known factors on short-term temperature variations (El Niño/southern oscillation, volcanic aerosols and solar variability), the global warming signal becomes even more evident as noise is reduced. Lower-troposphere temperature responds more strongly to El Niño/southern oscillation and to volcanic forcing than surface temperature data. The adjusted data show warming at very similar rates to the unadjusted data, with smaller probable errors, and the warming rate is steady over the whole time interval. In all adjusted series, the two hottest years are 2009 and 2010."

Curry has a long record of shooting from the lip, then having to retract what she's said.

Pointing at particular days, stretches of days, or even specific years as proof of no global warming, is like pointing at the members of one family and declaring that all humans have blue ones. You MUST take all of the data in aggregate, over time, and examine the trend. The trend is unmistakable.

DYAC. Blue eyes, I meant to type.

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