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In her own words: A significant, direct threat to American security interests

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen released the following statement after voting for a resolution in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday authorizing limited military force in Syria:

Authorizing the president to use military force anywhere in the world is a solemn and serious responsibility, and the decision to undertake military action is not one I take lightly. Failing to take action against the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons poses a significant and direct threat to American national security interests. I am mindful that there are many people in New Hampshire and throughout the country who are war weary and concerned about the consequences of the use of military force. I share their concerns, but based on my strong belief that we must deter the spread and use of weapons of mass destruction, I am convinced we must take this limited military action against the Assad regime’s military capabilities.

The resolution I voted for is limited in time and scope and does not authorize American troops on the ground. Rather, it permits an appropriate response to Assad’s international weapons violations that will rightfully signal to his and other regimes, like those in Iran and North Korea, that the United States will not tolerate the use of weapons of mass destruction. I believe that this type of targeted, proportionate response will best protect our national security interests.

(Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is New Hampshire’s senior U.S. senator.)

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Syria presents a clear and direct opportunity for Democrats to play politics in the 2014 elections. That is what is going on here, period! Again, an absent and failed foreign policy traded for focus on all things "social" by a president who does not have the ability to lead is the real issue here.

Senator, please explain to us why and how Syria poses "a significant and direct threat to American security interests." Some of us just don't get it. Have your actually read Section 5 of the the Senate Foreign Relations Committee resolution you voted for? It was added by Super Hawk McCain and provides for a "United States Government strategy for achieving a negotiated political settlement to the conflict in Syria ..." It also authorizes for "the provision of all forms of assistance to the Syrian political opposition," and other such things. Section 5 almost completely negates the supposed limited scope of this resolution. This is mission creep before the mission even gets started. Senator, I am of the opinion you have not represented N.H. well on this vote.

Kerry states...... US MILITARY for RENT - other countries offer to pay for American solders to die for $$$$

The Senator doesn't have to explain, the answer is clear. It's spelled Israel. The one sure foothold we have in the region. Doesn't take a foreign affairs expert to figure that one out, check Syria's boundary.

Jeanne Shaheen is a Obama rubber stamp. She doesn't care what NH voters think she is going to vote for what Obama tells her to vote. We don't want to be al-Qaida's Air Force. We don't want to spend taxpayer's money to protect al-Qaida, and Al Nusra. Fire Shaheen in 2014 she doesn't vote the New Hampshire way she votes the Liberal way. She doesn't have your best interest.

OK, I thought this was a better than usual reply until the whole support al-Qaida BS. On issues such as these I would hope that decisions were being made on a higher level than what NH voters want. The anti-war sentiment in Syria is being driven not by a standpoint of right or wrong, but rather we don't want to spend the money. I doubt that a great number of NH voters are even slightly attuned to issues particular to the ancient culture that exists in the Middle East. Our values have no meaning to them and vice versa. This isn't a case of liberal vs conservative, this is a case of not being able to do anything to change the perceived problems. Short of bombing them to oblivion we would change nothing. Even if we did, the same applies. Except for some concentrated "westernized" sections the bulk of the people cling to customs and ways of life that predate the US by thousands of years. Forget politics and money - history tells us that we can't affect a change even if we wanted to.

Mauser1, you put out some good stuff from time to time but you really got to rethink the al-Qaida connection. Syria is a real bad move because taking out one group brings power to another group. Right now al-Qaida is out of power but eliminating their opposition adds to their power I don't think you want that.

Your right, I don't want that but, really what difference would it make. After all al-Quida really is an offshoot of the US backed of rebels in Afghanistan against the Russians. In that part of the world the rule is - What goes around, comes around. Like the CIA trained and backed anti-Iranian, Saddam Hussein. If it weren't for oil, we probably should have stayed out of the whole quagmire in that part of the world.

PURE POLITICS - Obama stated in the Rose Garden he did not need Congress support - he didnt ask when he went into Libya...... did he. Not a leadership bone in him

Libya was - let's see, how to say this - totally different. The operation to overthrow Qaddafi had NATO authorization and was conducted like the 1991 Gulf War by a coalition of the willing. It had a specific goal, and a specific way to describe victory. Intervention in Syria has none of those characteristics. Your hatred for the President is tedious.

If the specific way to describe victory was that the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Qaeda and others) would take over then it was successful. Those were not 'freedom fighters' in Libya, they were just as brutal as the Qaddafi regime; the same goes for Egypt. We were wrong then and we are wrong now to go into Syria. Funny that we have all the intel we need about who really used chemical weapons but in Benghazi, we can't get to the bottom of who knew what and when they knew it.

Ambassador Stevens had dinner with the Turkish Envoy. When the Envoy left he encountered the area empty of people and a blockade set by the murderers. He did NOT pick up his satellite phone to notify anyone .....hmmmmm....Obama praises Turkey

4 years of Hillary globetrotting foreign policy resulted in a world worse off than when she started

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