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News as tiny poems? No thanks!

This will never work.

Discourse shouldn’t be reduced

to Twitterings, Tweets.

For what opinion,

seventeen syllables long,

is worth the sharing?

But more important:

shall haiku, in which Basho

and Issa caught worlds

in microcosm,

be reduced to gimmickry

by prosaic hands?

Wealth of goldenrod

makes the dying of our year

almost worth the loss.

Never mind all that.

Parse your long opinions to

short attention spans.

– Russell Rowland, Meredith

(Well, okay, fine. Some people like this feature. Some don’t. If you’re a fan, send us a haiku about current events: a three-line poem of 5, 7 and 5 lines respectively. Have something arty to say about the city elections? State contract negotiations? Drug smuggling at
the state prison? Send your tiny masterpiece

Legacy Comments2

So far the Monitor forum is a huge failure. I am not really a fan of haiku but I willing to give it a chance. What is a real huge failure is the attempt to give talentless editorial cartoonist Mike Marland a new forum to promote his mindless, democrat hack driven fantasies. Marland’s cartoon “Birch & Finch” is just more of the same blather that he puts up in the Monitor for the democrat party a few times a week. Today’s “Birch & Finch” looney toune, ties to push 2 false narratives: 1) That Shaheen and Kuster are unbeatable and 2) That the Republicans are having a hard time getting candidates to run against Shaheen and Kuster. Both Shaheen and Kuster have horrendous voting records and which will be easy to expose and eventually lead to their defeat but the Monitor/Marland want to cover up that fact with these false narratives. If the Forum is more of the same, I am not interested.

This section is a bit embarrassing and as far as Birch and Finch is concerned, it is not even the least bit humorous. But you are not going to change people at the Monitor who believe that the news and their paper should be tainted by one's own personal political opinions. Where is the real investigative reporting, the real drill down into things that matter? I remember my local paper when I was a kid. They would run things like "Mary Smith planted beautiful roses in her front yard and they are now in bloom". Might as well start doing that if they are not going to address the hard news.

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