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My Turn: Franklin needs work, and it will take money

To the taxpayers of Franklin: I know that we are experiencing tough times right now. As homeowners, you know that you have to keep up your home in order to maintain its value as well as to have a roof over your head. Most homeowners are relying on the equity in their homes to help fund their retirement.

A city is the same. It must maintain the infrastructure in order to draw people to the city to buy homes, open businesses and educate their children. When the streets are crumbling, the education system is under-performing and the downtown is practically empty, the value of the homes within the city declines.

Franklin has a tax cap, which is keeping property taxes low. This may be good for some people, but on the whole, it is not good for the city of Franklin. The streets are full of potholes; in fact, some were so bad that they tore up the pavement and returned them to dirt roads. Our school system is one of the most under-performing in the state. I have heard there are complaints about our police department being slow to respond. The roof on the fire department was leaking so badly that finally money was appropriated to fix it. After years of poor water quality, repairs were done, only because the city got federal money to do it. These are just some of the major problems.

If you have any pride in your city, and you want to see the value of your home increase over the years instead of decrease, something needs to be done. I hate to say it, but it is going to cost money. Our streets need fixing. Our school system needs fixing. The longer we wait to do repairs, the more it costs. When streets are let go for too long, they need replacing, not just repaving. Incentives must be offered to improve the mill buildings downtown. This in turn would draw other businesses to our downtown area. If the buildings downtown are left to deteriorate they will end up having to be torn down, and then what will we have?

Let’s fix Franklin now! It will only cost more the longer we wait. Think of it this way. Fix the streets or fix your car or truck.

If you agree, please contact the mayor, the city manager, and your city councilors. You can find their phone numbers and email addresses at franklinnh.org/Pages/FranklinNH_Council/index.

(Brian Lamond lives in

Legacy Comments3

Franklin no longer has a tax cap, when laconia went to court over theirs, the caps were found to violate some law or NH constitutional provision and struck down. The city council tries hard to keep the spirit of the tax cap, but are no longer required by law to do so.

"Franklin has a tax cap, which is keeping property taxes low." The tax rate is $22 per $1000...not low.

northern pass will fix that funding problem

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