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Earthquake felt through central N.H.

If you felt the ground shake last night, you aren’t alone.

People from dozens of towns in central New Hampshire reported feeling what they described as an earthquake shortly after 9 p.m.

The U.S. Geological Survey, which has limited operations during the partial federal government shutdown, did not provide immediate confirmation of the quake, but the New England Seismic Network, which operates out of Boston College, reported a magnitude 2.5 to 2.6 tremor, with its epicenter 5 kilometers northwest of Contoocook.

The Concord police said they fielded nearly half a dozen calls from residents in the area reporting structural shaking – though no immediate damage or injuries. Others posted on social media that they too had felt a noticeable rattling.

A 4.0-magnitude earthquake struck New England one year ago, centered in Maine and reverberating as far as Vermont and Connecticut. A 3.1-magnitude quake shook the area around the same time in 2010.

Legacy Comments3

Thank you for your explanation and for making us laugh out loud. The boom was followed very quickly, within a second or two by the house shaking. We don't have a very sturdy house. I've heard bombs go off before (lived in a war zone) and this was different. It was "rounder," the only word I can think of to describe it. Tough luck on that kick-off. We'll look forward to hearing from you next year. {;)

At 2105 last night I heard a loud 'boom' explosion (?), and at nearly the same instant felt a sensible' fairly sharp shock through the floor of the house. I live one mile north of Warner. The source must have been very close by, as shock waves travel much faster through the ground than sound does through the air, yet both arrived here at the same time. I sensed that the source was east of my house, within a mile. I quickly reported this as an explosion to 911, who noted she had received several such calls from the Warner area. Booming sounds associated with earthquakes are not common, though they have been reported from those near the epicenters. I note that the Monitor cited the NH Regional Seismic Network located the epicenter of the earthquake about 5 kilometers Northwest of Contoocook, or one or two East of Warner. As a professional Geoscientist, I had planned and arranged for this Earthquake to be the "Opener" for the annual Warner Fall Foliage Festival, but my timer was off a bit, so the thing went off too early. Sigh. Will try again for next year's Festival. --

Thank you for reporting this. We heard a boom and the house shook. My sweetie was on the phone with someone who lived downtown and she heard it too, as did my other friend who lives downtown. We live about three miles south of the village. I never knew earthquakes made a sound, but we all heard a big "boom" that sounded like an explosion.

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