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State GOP blames liberal activists for graffiti at headquarters

The New Hampshire Republican State Committee has pointed a finger at “liberal political activists” over a graffiti incident last week in which its headquarters in downtown Concord was spray-painted with the message “WWJD / Healthcare for Everyone.”

The Concord police are still investigating the incident but believe it took place Thursday evening. Staffers discovered the graffiti Friday on a wall in the rear of the building, which is located at 10 Water St.

Committee officials yesterday called the act “shameful and outrageous.”

“Our building was clearly vandalized by liberal political activists who disagree with our fiscally responsible values,” Executive Director Matt Slater said in a statement. “Instead of trying to engage in a serious debate about the issues facing our country, these cowardly extremists decided to spread their liberal agenda by damaging our property.”

New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Harrell Kirstein quickly denounced the behavior as well.

“No matter our political disagreements, there are always better ways to communicate with each other, and we condemn these actions,” he said. “We empathize with our colleagues across the aisle and hope that whoever this individual is, they step forward, apologize and take responsibility immediately.”

The incident grew further inflamed yesterday when Keith McCrea, who’s worked for various state Democratic campaigns, posted on Twitter that he found the Republicans’ response to it “hilarious.” McCrea later apologized for the comment.

(Jeremy Blackman can be reached at 369-3319, or on Twitter @JBlackmanCM.)

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To the people who actually think that the crux of this matter is WHAT was written on the wall; you're missing the point. It doesn't matter WHAT was written on the wall. The act of scrawling something in big letters on someone's headquarters . . . whether it's the GOP headquarters or Planned Parenthood's headquarters - without the owner's consent - is graffiti! As such it is a criminal act. All you people on here trying to spin this one way or the other based on your personal political agenda make me sick. This is a perfect example of what's wrong with our society. NEWS FLASH: NOT EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL. What was done to the GOP headquarters was wrong because it was unlawful and it doesn't matter if you agree with the agenda of the victim or the perp or not.

Dan - I agree with you. But as I read the comments, I'm not seeing people make excuses for the grafittist. (Is that a word?) What I'm seeing is a response to the manufactured outrage which is, IMO, far greater than warranted for something that is NOT hate speech. I would deliver this same speech if someone had sprayed a mild anti-obamacare message on the Democrat's headquarters. Yes, it's a crime, but it's just grafitti, not a hate crime, certainly not terrorism, and quite possibly not even from the "extreme" end of the Democratic party. Just wishing for a realistic reaction here, rather than yet another artificial opportunity to push libs and cons even further apart.

You and I both, FOF!

Wait..putting graffiti on the headquarters of the NH "not" political? Really?

Does obamacare come with free graffiti removal...for all?

No but maybe all gun permits by right wing white supremacists should.

There's no excuse for this. Period.

Yes, apparently there is. Look at them all here. :)

Your living in a bubble Bruce. And you are not being honest. Asking a religion to change their tenets is an example of how the Dems are extreme. Calling folks racist who disagree with your politics is extreme. And a President who is not the leader of all the people is extreme The Tea Party came about because the President decided that he only needed to listen to the folks in his party. You are correct though that the Reps are also extreme when it comes to social issues. As far as voting rights go. The voter ID is not stopping anybody from voting. And guess what, if you want to talk about voting rights, where was your outrage when the Black Panthers were allowed to stand outside a voting venue with billy clubs? And Holder allowed it.

democrats elect a communist to run for NYC Mayor. Moderate democrat blue dogs don't exist anymore .....and the far left democrats dare to call the conservatives "EXTREME"

Well jesum crow, at least they didn't shut down the government.

"Liberal extremists?" I think it's a little extreme to use language previously applied to actual terrorists (the people-killing kind), and apply it to someone with a spray can and a Christian message. Yeah, I do believe there are Christian extremists, as there are extremists in every religion, but this guy/girl is probably not one of them.

Politico reports that Vice President Joe Biden joined several Democrats in referring to Republicans as "terrorists."

democrats in Congress were elbowing each other away from the microphones to see whose fangs could squirt the most poisonous venom. Barbara Boxer called the Republicans “domestic abusers.” Nancy Pelosi, having misplaced her meds, shouted “anarchist” and “bomb throwers” and “hijackers”

"Spreading a liberal agenda"? Doesn't WWJD stand for "What would Jesus do"? Sounds like a Christian vandal to me. I thought Republicans were all about Christian values, but rather than address the source cause of the inappropriately delivered message -- that being the Republicans' decidedly un-Christian approach to health care -- they take the low road (surprise) and blame "liberal activists".

"Sounds like a Christian vandal to me."....No....that would be breaking the 11th commandment...'Thou shalt not graffiti"..

Responses to hate crimes are now "hilarious"...

This is an unfortunate and regrettable incident, but it hardly rises to the level of a hate crime. Get real. It's graffiti making a political statement, targeting those the perpetrator(s) see as using extreme measures--shutting down the entire government--to attempt to prevent the lawful implementation of the ACA. One good their minds at least. And while Republicans in NH may consider themselves 'fiscally responsible', there is little evidence of that recently from the Tea Party wing of their party, since threatening not to raise the debt limit would likely be catastrophic--plunging the nation and the world back into a recession at the least. And pairing the words 'liberal' and 'extremist' together is ill-advised and nonsensical. Despite the overheated rhetoric and loosely defined terms, there is nothing extreme about liberal politics--instead there is a long and proud tradition of progressive ideals in liberalism. Extremists of both the left AND the right are the enemies of liberalism and progressives. And to be clear, those trolling here as the Carp Per Diem Brigade deliberately cloud the issue of political extremism (like Mr. Slater's deliberate and ill-chosen conflation) in order to mask the degree of extremism in the Tea Party wing of their party, which has drifted far to the right of mainstream Republican views 4 decades ago. looking and quacking like a duck Bruce....

Thanks for trolling. You don't really want to be taken seriously. Only in a world where up is down and black is white can a graffitti scrawl reading "Healthcare for everyone" qualify as offensive speech. But then, that would seem to describe the Tea Party's world, and that of the Carp Per Diem Brigade. From the wikipedia: "'Hate crime' generally refers to criminal acts that are seen to have been motivated by bias against one or more of the types above, or of their derivatives. Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail)."

Oh, so you dont think its offensive? lets see, criminal act. damage to property, offensive graffiti, harassment..jeez, its almost word for word...quacking like a duck...

Reply to GWTW below: It may be offensive, but it isn't a hate crime. It's an act of vandalism with a political message. What you're implying with your claim is that somehow you and those who think like you are the victims here. That is indeed hilarious--akin to the child who murders his parents, then asks for mercy because he's an orphan. But then, that's not so far from what Cruz and Palin et al were claiming anyway, in attempting to avoid responsibility for the effects of the shutdown. There's a big difference between a politically motivated act of vandalism and a genuine hate crime. Compare this episode to the sentiments expressed in the graffiti sprayed on the homes of the Concord refugees and immigrants. For you to persist in claiming otherwise makes me wonder whether you're simply being paid by the post for troll-like behavior.

Americans are more conservative than they have been in decades

There is a difference between being conservative and being a screaming right wing zealot. Most educated people understand that there is a whole spectrum of political beliefs, and each citizen has the right to their own. Not simply right or left, there is a whole lot of middle between the 2 extremes.

Gallup : Conservatives in America increase to 2:1 over liberals

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