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Editorial: Good fight? Who is Boehner kidding?

When the reckless and nauseating spectacle in Washington finally ended this week, here’s what House Speaker John Boehner had to say: “We fought the good fight. We just didn’t win.”

His glib summation shows better than nearly anything how out of touch those Republicans responsible for this month’s government shutdown are with the American people and with common sense itself.

Good fight? It’s hard to even understand what the Tea Party crowd was fighting for. Surely they didn’t believe they would actually succeed in convincing President Obama to undo his signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act. Surely they didn’t believe Americans wanted the government they’re paying for to be shut down. Surely they didn’t predict broad approval for their scheme to bring the country close to a crash of the economic markets and inflict pain on federal workers, private contractors and the many, many other Americans who rely on the government in ways small and large. Surely they didn’t imagine that underscoring what a dysfunctional mess Washington has become would improve the nation’s standing in the world.

This week’s reprieve – a deal to reopen the government and lift the threat of default – is temporary, of course. Lawmakers agreed to fund the government through Jan. 15 and raise the debt ceiling through Feb. 7. And Boehner’s mischaracterization of the situation doesn’t bode well. Yet the serious players in the House, Senate and White House must persevere. What’s needed now is what’s been needed for years: a big, long-term deal to balance the federal budget that will no doubt need to include some new revenue, some cuts in spending and some rethinking of federal entitlement programs. This should not be news, especially to elected officials, even as many of them have spent long careers avoiding committing to a deficit-reduction plan that might include some political risk.

Amid the gloom, voters can be heartened by the conduct of several members of Congress who rejected the zealotry of their colleagues and pushed for a bipartisan compromise. They include Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. All showed themselves to be practical-minded when it counted. And all seemed to know instinctively what was lost on the Ted Cruz crowd: Most Americans want their leaders to work together for the good of the country. They expect them to be civil, open-minded and reasonable. They have limited tolerance for political nonsense.

The bigger budget battle has yet to be joined. We encourage Shaheen and Ayotte to seek out leadership roles in persuading their colleagues to make an even harder, longer-term commitment to doing the right thing.

Legacy Comments44

For me President Obama wants to put forth the idea that he is willing to talk and resolve problems, but then he trashes the folks who he says he wants to compromise with. He says he wants what is best for all the people, then he ignores folks who are not for his policies. Does not want to govern by crisis to crisis, yet he is not in favor of a budget, unless that budget is decided upon by what he deems should be on or off the table. So basically he is saying, I will only discuss issues with you if you agree to all my demands. So basically he is the one who creates the grid lock in WA. Where we are now is because this has been going on year after year. The Reps were wrong to close the govt, I agree, but basically when you keep getting told we will not consider any cuts because they all are draconian, and operate the govt with no budget, then we end up with what we have now. No wins here. Business as usual, we will be here again in January. The president says WA is dysfunctional, but someone needs to tell him, he is the leader in WA, and he is not leading.

Here is an example of racist extremist on the left making violent threats:

That's one. Any such threats against others are reprehensible and wrong. But given the volatility of the issue, no one should be surprised. The right has more than its share of violent crazies, but the left has always had its share as well. You must have missed the death threats against Democrats who voted for the ACA.

You make a good point Bruce. The violent crazies on both sides are bad and must be held accountable for their violence.

This is an editorial written by a gaggle of Leftists pretending to run a legitimate newspaper. It is not a reliable journalistic source nor are the editors experts or authorities on much beyond propagandizing.

BINGO ItsaRepublic, a gaggle of leftest cohorts exercising group think from their ivory towers far far away from the real world.

Good Name Do Little. It is silly to think a newspaper should report all the news that hold all of our elected officials accountable? A critical thinker would quickly figure out that not holding every Elected Official accountable for their actions is not good for our country and its future.

And please let us not forget the economic impact of the shutdown, as the "fiscally responsible" Republicans cost America $24 Billion in lost economic activity, and the GDP which has been increasing annually by 2 % or so, as we crawl out of the Bush recession, is anticipated to take a hit to the tune of .6% (lowering the economic growth rate for this year by approximately one-third) -- which is why even their fellow-travelers like the Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers were urging the GOP to stop the madness. Good work, people. Really, thanks for saving us from the economic horror of health care reform.

Let us not forget that Obama and Harry Reid are 2/3 responsible for that 24 billion dollar economic loss or 16 Billion of it. Unless you irresponsibility don't hold them responsible and totally ignore their lack of flexibility during this whole process.

No, they're not. You don't negotiate with domestic terrorists. And they didn't and they won. Even the Fat man said so.

Obama is a dictator who has a hankering for politically destroying his opponents. Obama blood thirsty hankering will eventually be his downfall when he loses big time in the 2014 midterm elections and loses both the house and the senate and won't be able to handle the fact that he will be the lamest of lame duck presidents.

Reply to Van below: The most recent polling indicates the Republicans have hurt their chances of keeping the House. Typically, the party out of the WH gains seats in both houses of Congress in off-year elections. There is no evidence Republicans have made that more likely this time.

Recent polling. I don't think that most people in Republican districts felt the pain of the government shutting down and that is not enough for people in those districts to vote for a progressive. The House belongs to the people and those people support their representatives. That is proven in almost every Presidential election. Americans often vote for a President but vote to keep their representatives, regardless of whether or not they are of the same party. The majority of Americans do not support Obama or his policy, look at those poll numbers. People have pretty much had enough of the obvious and blatant lies and arrogance of Obama.

This wasn't just political nonsense; it was un-American activity. The Tea party screwballs made fools of us around the world, prompting the Chinese to say the global economy should be de-Americanized.

Like when Obama said it was unpatriotic to increase the debt ceiling in 2006 it is way to easy to win a debate over a liberal. Lunatic Lying Liberal Losers are the laughing stock around the world.

You can tell when Van at wit's end, he stops quoting phony stats and starts name calling. You and yours lost, Van. Get over it.

DD that quote is accurate and you know it but don't have the intellectual integrity to admit it. Here is proof the liberals are lying: In Obama's own words:

Well golly gee, if it is on youtube that's as good as being etched in stone by god's own hand. Can't argue with that. Yes and now we all now that the TP didn't lose, they called "times" so the vote really didn't count.

Actually, dd, we ALL lost. One of the things that cushions energy (read: oil) prices relatively stable for American sis the fact that the dollar is the world's reserve currency. Most international transactions are denominated in dollars. It now appears that China, along with the other BRIC countries, are willing to chip away at the dollar's dominance. The fact that our national politicians have been on a spending spree rivaling only that of a drunken sailor after a year at sea is a sore point with a lot of Americans. Mr Obama promised that Obamacare would lower our healthcare premiums, increase our choices, let us keep our physicians/hospitals and would add a dime to the deficit. In NH, according a front-page Monitor article, premiums rose precipitously, we're down to ONE company writing Obamacare policies and that ONE company excluded almost half of NH's physicians/hospitals. BTW, Obamacare, which was supposed to add NOTHING to the federal deficit, according to the GAO, will add $6.2 TRILLION to the deficit over the next 10 yrs.

Reply to Fearlessldr below: Your last sentence, regarding the GAO's supposed claim regarding the ACA, is false. The GAO did not say what you claim it did, neither did those who came up with that figure. You must have blinded by your eagerness to disparage Obama, HeritageCare/RomneyCare/ACA, and the necessary deficit spending to pull the country out of the Great Recession. Perhaps readers should take some of your other claims with a grain of salt.

False equivalency. The poster is in need of a reality check. The big difference between then and now, between Democrats in 2006 and the Tealibans in Congress now: The Democrats had no intention of shutting down the government, holding the nation hostage until their demands were met.

For the CM to NOT report all the items the Republicans negotiated is pure journalism malfeasance. On the other side of the coin hiding that the democrats were able to secure a $175,000 payment to the Multi Millionaire widow of a NJ democrat Senator is just pure Partisanship reporting

Oh, you must be referring to the pork that went to Kentucky.

& OHIO - again the lame stream media leads the liberals to incorrect assumptions

But there's a slight difference. The minority leader vowed not to take any pork, so he got a chump from Tennessee to do it for him. Hypocrites one and all.

"lame stream media" why don't you grow up, Sarah and finish the job you were elected to.

Included in all this mishegas was a one-time, six-figure payment to the widow of Sen Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ).

The CM doesn't report a lot of stuff. For instance the 37% Obama Approval ratings doesn't get reported. The 81% of the people who think America is headed in the wrong direction doesn't get reported. The fact that over $3 for about 3 consecutive years under Obama doesn't get reported. We all know if any of those would be front page top of the fold news in the Monitor if a Republican was president.

DD...That pork you refer to was was specifically requested by the Obama Administration. But how would you know that? ...

I bet you meant meant too.

At one time before the Monitor took the cheap route you were able to correct your mistakes here in the comments section. I am sure glad for spell check and the little corrections that Microsoft word fixes for you. The interesting thing is that the Monitor has word processors and editors and they still publish errors.

The Concord Monitor covering the news who do they think they are kidding? The Monitor is consistently leaving out Obama's all time low pole numbers on almost every issue. The Monitor is consistently leaving out Obama and Reid's willingness to inflict as much pain as possible on the American Military by "Barrycading" WWI memorials, "Barrycading" military cemeteries. The Monitor is consistently leaving out Obama's willingness to misinterpret a military bill making it difficult for family to get death benefits. The Monitor is consistently leaving out Obama being completely accommodating to a rally for illegal aliens but at the same time called out the riot police on our Veterans. The Concord Monitor loves to attack small efficient government teapartiers but they have no problem being a propaganda organ for the extreme left. Today 81% of Americans feel that America is headed in the wrong direction. I blame Concord Monitor and their ilk in the liberal press for fabricating the news and not reporting it.

I ment Poll numbers

That's OK, everything else you wrote is just as silly.

Good Name Do Little. It is silly to think a newspaper should report all the news that hold all of our elected officials accountable? A critical thinker would quickly figure out that not holding every Elected Official accountable for their actions is not good for our country and its future.

Ha,ha good one. You had me going until I realized you had to be joking. I mean the riot police against our veterans. I even missed that on Faux news.

Mauser: Living is easy with your eyes closed misunderstanding is all you see. ---The Beatles but perhaps you might want to get out of fantasy land and and open your eyes up. Perhaps you might learn something.

Well I certainly have learned something from the comments section. I am beginning to question NH ranking amongst most educated States. Nice Beatles quote and on that note this Beatles gem comes to mind. "He's as blind as he can be, Just sees what he wants to see, Nowhere Man can you see me at all?" The conservative mantra.

Mauser, I like your Beatles quote.

OK, I was tryin to figure out just what irritated me with you and Bow politics but that was probably 10 years ago. Don't let it be said that I don't hold a grudge long after I forget why..............

Mauser please note pictures of cops in riot gear,

Van, I think it is weird how you believe a part of a poll you like and won't believe the part you don't like. Just for the heck of it, I checked the Union Leader and can't find any poll results there either. Also, all my "liberal" outlets have been reporting extensively on the problems with the Obamacare rollouts. The three "lame stream" networks and PBS were leading with the story today. They hadn't spent much time on it because of the tea party shutdown and default thereat which was much more serious. Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot. And I would have agreed that the Dems would have had a hard time in 2014 as the party in power does in any off year, but as a result of the shutdown their prospects are much better. Thank you Ted Cruz and tea party.

Excuse me , threat.

Tillie, you come across as reasonable. I can't comment on the Union Leader because I only get the Sunday paper. If the Union Leader is publishing low congressional polls without publishing Obama extremely low polls either than shame on them. The Union Leader has strayed far from its conservative roots for this reason and because it rarely covers Bow, I have lost interest in it. The fact that the Monitor consistently intentionally omits critical news has my interest waning in the Monitor as well. Thank goodness for the internet. It is clear to me that if News Papers (the dead tree industry) continue down the path that the Monitor is gone it won't be long before they go the way of the horse and buggy.

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