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Dade Perron of the Merrimack Valley boys cross country team is in the High School Spotlight

This week in the High School Spotlight, it’s Dade Perron. Dade, a freshman at Merrimack Valley, has come back from brain surgery earlier this year to run on the cross country team.

Concord Monitor: What’s your favorite part about running a race?

Dade Perron: My favoite part about running a race is knowing that I can finish it and that someday I’ll be able to make the varsity team.

CM: How have your teammates and coaches helped you out?

DP: The entire high school cross country team and coaches are all like a giant family. So we all motivate each other and help each other finish a race.

CM: Was it a surprise when the doctor told you that you had to have another surgery?

DP: Well . . . I knew someday that I would have to have a second surgery. Because before the surgery, they said they were thinking about giving me another surgery.

CM: How do you think the recovery is coming along?

DP: Toward the end of the summer I was in a wheel chair. So I’ve actually recovered really well.

CM: What does running cross country mean to you?

DP: Running is something that I’ve always wanted to do. And when I first started middle school, I wanted to run cross country.

CM: What’s one thing about running cross country that would surprise people?

DP: You get an amazing endurance out of it. And it also helps you stay in shape.

CM: When you’re not out running where can we find you?

DP: I’m usually at home or I’m at the recreational area in Loudon. And I play basketball.

CM: What’s your favorite class?

DP: My favorite class would probably be algebra because it’s pretty challenging and I do well at doing math.

CM: Food?

DP: My favorite food is spaghetti.

CM: Song?

DP: I don’t really have a favorite song, but if I to choose, it’d be “Message in a Bottle” (by the Police).

CM: Movie?

DP: The most recent movie that might be my favorite is the Avengers .

CM: Do you have a shout-out for anyone?

DP: My brother and my mom because they’ve been working on trying to get me an electrical stimulation unit. It sends electrical pulses so I can lift up my leg more.

CM: Anyone else?

DP: My grandmother because she really cares about me.


After brain surgery, Merrimack Valley freshman takes to the cross country course

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Merrimack Valley freshman Dade Perron was easy to spot Thursday in the mass of hundreds of high school cross country runners at the Capital Area Cross Country Championship. Donning race No. 524, his stride was long but slightly off balance as he tried to stay with the pack. By mid-course, he’d fallen behind; the white plastic brace he wears on …

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