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New Hampshire Views: Lights at UNH stadium? No thanks!

We realize that University of New Hampshire officials probably thought they were raising a selling point when they announced that putting lights in at Cowell Stadium would allow them to host high school championship games in outdoor sports, but as soon as they announced it we could hear many coaches around the state saying, “Don’t do us any favors.”

We hope the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association gets that message, too and tries to keep championships as close to the Interstate 93 corridor as possible.

The Seacoast is a lovely area and all, but except for a small slice of the state and the people who already live there, it bears the distinction of being particularly inaccessible.

That’s especially true for those who have to take a school bus from the Monadnock Region, the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region, the North Country and most of the Lakes Region. It’s not an especially great ride from the Merrimack Valley, either, come to think of it.

Putting in lights at Cowell might allow UNH football to host NCAA playoff games, but there’s no reason most of the rest of the state should have to suffer for that.

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1.5 million for stadium lights is a ridiculous price to pay. What are they, sterling silver?

You are absolutely, positively correct. How about taking that $1.5M and put that into a fund to cut tuition rates for in state students. Good post!

The lighting project is part of an ongoing project to upgrade the football stadium. The football stadium renovations are a capital expenditure, partially paid for (to the tune of $1 million) out of the state capital budget. The rest of it would be paid for by donations from alumni and friends. Basically, UNH is borrowing money from the state which in turn borrows it on the worldwide bond market. Itsa's plan would have us bonding a tuition subsidy program. It is also worth pointing out that the University is successful at recruiting qualified students who can— and do— graduate on time. In fact, UNH turns good students away for lack of space. The tuition is high, but it's competitive in the education marketplace.

Rather than getting any of the money from the tax payers of NH, how about they get ALL of it from raising the price of a ticket. Lets see if the fans want those lights. It's easy for a small group to set behind closed doors and spend other peoples money on things "they" want. I'll go a step further and say use the donated money to help lower tuition.

Agreed. For many and varied personal and professional reasons, today's "football culture" is on my mind lately. And not in a positive, "feel-good" way. I'm glad to see someone else feels the way I do.

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