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Ex-U.S. senator Brown launches N.H. PAC; future unclear

Former Republican U.S. senator Scott Brown has launched a political action committee in New Hampshire.

Brown has been mentioned as a possible candidate in New Hampshire or in Massachusetts but hasn’t said he’ll run for office. After winning the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Edward Kennedy until his death, Brown lost in 2012 to Elizabeth Warren.

“The Peoples Seat PAC” allows Brown to donate money to statewide candidates.

Brown recently put his Massachusetts home on the market. He has a vacation home in Rye and has visited New Hampshire often to raise money for Republicans.

In a fundraising letter yesterday, New Hampshire’s Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said Brown had sent a signal that he’s “ready to run” against her.

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GWTW, I should have put "ruined this state" in quotes since I was quoting your friend Itsa. Don't you read his posts? Don't blame you, I shouldn't either.

Hey this is fun. How about Billy O'Brien or Craig Benson, our one term governor, as politicians who have "ruined this state."

Couldn't make it in the big time, just have to try for the small time.

After he loses here, he can move to Maine and try there.

Run all carpetbaggers out of town on a rail.

Well I guess that Paul Hodes will need to run out of town. I hope that he is OK with that. Is Shaheen originally from New Hampshire. I would love to run all of the Massachusetts folks who have ruined this state out of town on a rail as well, but, this is a free country.....can't do it.

Jeanne Shaheen has lived in NH for 40 years, had a business here, raised her family here, was governor and senator. Brown ran for senator from another state ONE YEAR AGO. There is no way he won't be looked on as a carpetbagger. Trying to play his summer home status as home town boy didn't work for Romney either. And there are a lot of Massachusetts republican politicians who have ruined this state, not to mention a certain Southerner name of Thompson.

"...Massachusetts republican politicians who have ruined this state, not to mention a certain Southerner name of Thompson"....Why do we keep getting voted most livable state???? Right wing conspiracy? LOL...

We are not voted most livable state because of any politician who serves here. Some things just ain't political.

Either one is a bad choice.

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