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Editorial: A smart vote from Ayotte

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte this week announced her support for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would outlaw workplace discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity. In doing so, she joined all the Senate Democrats and a handful of her fellow Republicans. She helped the legislation clear an initial procedural hurdle in the Senate and says she will back the measure when it comes to a final vote.

Polling indicates Ayotte’s new stance puts her in line with most of her constituents; indeed, the state has had a similar law on the books for more than a decade. But any such vote comes with some political risk for a member of a party that has stubbornly resisted the modern era when it comes to gay rights. Ayotte will no doubt take heat from conservative Republicans, some of whom are already angry over her support for immigration reform and her opposition to Sen. Ted Cruz’s government-shutdown strategy to unravel the Affordable Care Act.

Nonetheless, if Republicans care about the future of their party, they will need to join the mainstream on issues of basic fairness.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act is a big step in the right direction. Ayotte deserves much credit for getting on board.

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Kelly Ayotte is a Senator who will stand up for what is right. She has no problem standing up and voting bipartisan when a majority of her fellow Republicans vote the other way. Now lets look at Jeanne Shaheen, Shaheen is very partisan has she ever voted against her party when the majority of democrats voted differently. I don't think so. I challenge the Monitor to do so as well as the usual suspect, democrat sycophants who frequent this site. It is time we get rid of the partisan Shaheen and replace her with someone who will represent New Hampshire and not the democrat party. In today's news (the Monitor probably won't report it) but Shaheen and other democrats up for election in 2014 had an emergency meeting with Obama concerning the disaster known as Obamacare. They know they are in real big trouble for lying to us concerning something so personal as our healthcare and whether or not we and our children can keep our doctors that we have had for years. The vulnerable democrat Senators are very afraid about losing their jobs.

yep..you always know how Shaheen is going to vote...

The democrat continue their WAR on RELIGION. Didnt the democrats promise to "Focus like a laser on Jobs - How is that working out. Instead they play gotcha politics with a frivolous social bill that will die in the house or be overturn by the Supreme Court because democrats crafted another of their really badly written bills

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