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Mike Marland, Nov. 17, 2013

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And how does this differ from the progressive approach? Short and long doesn't!

Get used to it Marland you are going to get a huge taste of your own medicine. You have attacked Tea Partiers Ad Nauseam for years non stop. Marland you have attacked Republicans Ad Nauseam for decades. In fact with a few exceptions that is all you do. Your talent as a cartoonist is very limited, unable to think think out side the box of your narrow mindedness. There is plenty of comedy coming out of the Joke we have in the White House and comedians and cartoonists all around the country are exposing that incompetence, arrogance and corruptness to some huge laughs. Not you Marland, because lets face it you don't have the talent. ObamaKare is a huge disaster and is hurting millions of people around the country and you just don't care, it is obvious. 2014 is going to be very difficult for you it might be a good year to retire.

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