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Concord school district lays out necessary repairs over next 10 years

Between replacing roofs, redoing bathrooms, putting in new lockers and much more, the Concord School District projects $7.2 million in spending over the next 10 years for capital improvements in its four “old” schools: Beaver Meadow, Broken Ground, Concord High and Rundlett Middle schools.

“This is simply a plan,” Matt Cashman, facilities director, said this week. “These schools are getting lots of wear and tear, and we’re cleaning them and maintaining them properly, but things do break.”

Cashman has maintained a 10-year capital improvement plan, and he presented the most recent iteration to the school board this week. Throughout the fall, the board’s capital facilities committee toured all of the buildings to get a glimpse of the repairs that Cashman and his team were putting on their wish list. Of the $7.2 million, about $950,000 will be included in next year’s budget. The three new elementary schools will need minor work, but are far more up to date given their recent construction.

Although some of the renovations are significant cost-wise, none will radically alter the structure or use of the buildings. Instead, the spending will cover replacements of things such as doors, lockers, flooring, windows and mechanical upgrades. Rundlett Middle School requires the most attention, which will eat up $2.8 million of the $7.2 million. The capital facilities committee has discussed doing a feasibility study that would assess future costs of maintaining the building, built in 1957, as compared with completely redoing it.

“I’m very supportive of doing a study of the building,” Superintendent Chris Rath said. “If you were to design a middle school in today’s world, it would not look like Rundlett, it would be a different design. But we’re also very cognizant of what the community can pay for.”

The district has bond payments on both the high school renovation completed 20 years ago and the elementary school project. The debt on the elementary school project will last until 2040, but there has been no tax impact from the project at this time, and district officials do not anticipate one, Business Administrator Jack Dunn said.

The $2.8 million in renovations at Rundlett will including replacing five bathrooms over the next six years, stripping down, resanding and refinishing the gym floor, replacing classroom doors and other hardware. The roof system also needs to be replaced, with different portions of the repair spread out over seven years.

At Concord High, built in 1929, necessary repairs total roughly $2 million, including redoing about a quarter of the classrooms, upgrading the clock system and work on the plumbing, among other things.

Beaver Meadow’s replacements will cost about $1 million. Repairs in that school, built in 1986, include replacing the air handlers on the roof, repairing the parking lots and sidewalks, and installing new carpets and bathroom fixtures. The roof over the gym and windows throughout the building will also be replaced. Finally, at Broken Ground, built in 1973, repairs are projected to cost about $1.2 million. The chief issue there is replacing air handling equipment on the roof, as well as installing new carpets and lockers and upgrading the fire alarms.

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This really needs to watched very closely by the taxpayers. Every item that needs to be repaired must be scrutinized. They just got done fleecing the taxpayer for 30,000,000 , now they are looking at another 7,000,000 to take out of our pockets??

I think the recent fleecing of the taxpayers by the democrats was more than double your guess

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