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A little geography quiz for New Hampshire pols

What is it about politicians and geography these days? The latest viral video, at least in Republican circles, shows Democratic U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster refusing to answer a voter’s question about Benghazi because, she explains, she was at an event to talk about the Middle East, and Benghazi isn’t in the Middle East. D’oh! (In fact, there are actually some geography experts who maintain Libya is actually not the Middle East – but Kuster’s questioner didn’t appear to be looking for hair-splitting.)

You can imagine the GOP would love this – especially because it allowed Republicans to change the subject from former senator Scott Brown’s momentary confusion recently about whether he was in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. (Not exactly interchangeable!)

It’s got us thinking: How much geography do any of the politicians representing us know? And what about those hoping to represent us in the future? Here’s a little quiz to test their smarts. Pay attention, Dan Innis and Marilinda Garcia, Jim Rubens and Bob Smith!


1. The mighty Merrimack River runs through New Hampshire clear down to Massachusetts and into the sea. But where does it start?

2. Which of these is not an actual place in our actual state? Bean’s Grant, Green’s Grant, Lou Grant.

3. Name two of the three New Hampshire towns that start with the letter “O.”

4. Name five of the 10 one-syllable cities and towns in New Hampshire.

5. Greenfield, Greenland, Greenville: Which one is in Rockingham County?

6. The town of Lisbon had two previous names. Name one of them.

7. Which community is farther north: Strafford or Stratford?

8. At 6,288 in elevation, Mount Washington is by far the highest peak in New Hampshire? Which is No. 2?

9. In what county will you find the town of Merrimack?

10. At 44,586 acres, Winnipesaukee is clearly the largest lake in the state. Which is second largest?


1. At the confluence of the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee rivers in Franklin.

2. Lou Grant.

3. Acceptable answers are Orange, Orford and Ossipee.

4 The complete list: Bath, Bow, Hill, Keene, Lee, Rindge, Rye, Stark, Troy, Weare

5. Greenland is in Rockingham County. Greenfield and Greenville are in Hillsborough County.

6. Concord or Gunthwaite.

7. Stratford.

8. Mount Adams (5,774 feet).

9. Hillsborough County.

10. Lake Umbagog (7,538.9 acres)

Legacy Comments4

Some might take exception to the answer to #10. Lake Umbagog is partly in Maine - I assume the answer given refers to the part in NH? The second largest lake entirely in NH is Squam Lake, at 6765 acres.

If your objective when watching the brown and kuster videos it is very apparently browns questioning was impromptu and he simultaneously received some sort of message on his phone as he was walking to his car from an event all the while he thinking he was talking to a reporter(turned out to be a democratic schill);he immediately corrected himself mid sentence. On the other hand kuster was supposedly at a forum to speak about her trip to Israel and the Middle East, she had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. This is why her campaign requested all questions at the event be written beforehand so her staff could develop her talking points, apparently she couldn't locate that piece of paper and terminated the event. un coincidently her video was produced a republican schill. It is embarrassing to watch, she definitely had the deer in the headlight thing going on. The CM should post both videos like the UL did.

Lets not forget Obama's 57 states....KUSTER is an EMBARRASSMENT to NH - she has to go

Brown caught his error mid word...Kuster had no idea what she was saying..

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