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Okay, New Hampshire, what do you think about the UNH logo now?

A few months back, when the University of New Hampshire presented three possible new school logos, officials got nothing but grief for their efforts. Alumni and others groused that the designs were unattractive, that the university had paid big money for them, and that the money had gone to an out-of-state firm.

The griping went on for weeks, and the university regrouped.

Now officials have unveiled the results of their rethinking. It’s simple and to the point: A blue shield with the letters “N” and “H” inside. The “N” is blue, the “H” is white. Gone is Thompson Hall. Gone is the word “University.”

The new design, created by the same firm that came up with the earlier suggestions, was chosen by a panel of students, alumni, faculty and staff.

So, what do you think? Can you live with the logo? Learn to love it? Send your thoughts to We’ll publish a collection of local opinion in an upcoming Forum section.

Legacy Comments15

After some reflection on the change, it still seems like garbage. Mainly, the whitespace is abusive to the viewer. This may be advantageous to the athletic department. There are ways to incorporate color inversion, strict symmetry, and bold typefacing without being illegible at first glance. The current design incorporates elements of visual trickery which create lettering from a scenery, however the scene is inverted (arguably fourfold) whitespace. It will look great on the faces of drunkards at the whit, and on letterhead for boosting the importance of the content. The old design has elegance and is currently appropriate. In identical fashion, the old library closing message was much more appropriate than the huddleston schtick. Each has a balance between competence and confidence, and the current paradigm is unsavory.

It sucks.

Strictly amateurish and incoherent.

There are versions of the logo with the words "University of New Hampshire" next to the shield.

Two thumbs down. There's no convincing reason the logo needs changing to begin with, and as has already been pointed out the price paid for 'redesigning' it is money that could have been far better spent elsewhere.

Yup. Some PR fir

Yup. Some PR firm sold the UNH the "need to change its 'graphic identity'."

I suggest we ask young people who cant afford to go to college what they think of it....

AGAIN the flaming liberal journalists at the CM fail to ask the simple question of HOW MUCH? If this new logo is approved - what is the cost of new letterhead , business cards, signage. web site changes...etc...etc...etc. How in the world can someone with a journalism diploma fail to ask a govt institution the question of HOW MUCH

Nice Rant Sail! You put a bit of spark into this one. Not as mean as some of your rants, but still a bit of your former nasty comes through! Good work,but don't forget to get all those liberal kids off your lawn...

Unfortunately sail is correct about the cost of changeover: Old forms, stationery, design, consult, replacement manufacturing costs, as well as the potential loss of good will among alumni and other donors who remember "UNH" but will have some aversion to the "new" look. "UNH" is recognized everywhere in this country and has a good deal of historical momentum behind it. Politics notwithstanding.

If one did not know what they were looking at, they would have no clue to what it meant. Better include the words "University of NH" under it.

Evidently Jim the PR Company from NYC charges by the letter. 100,000 for ideas, but after that cost per letter maybe. Looks like the shield from the Broadway Play Spamalot.

I don't understand how anyone would connect this with anything. It's so vague. There's no connection whatsoever to the University, not even a clue. This is really sad, actually, as if the life has been drained out of a once living organism. When I look at it, I just feel sad at its sheer sterility. As an alumna, it tells me there is no place for me in the UNH system anymore. As a taxpayer, it loses my interest entirely. Why support something so devoid of life?

The logo looks like a design that would be taught in a Graphics 101 Class. Simple and very basic. No creativity here, and it only cost $100,00, what a deal. Sorry, you got ripped off by a firm in NYC that obviously has no talent.

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