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Gas up? Not along Fisherville Road last night

Beyond super unleaded, gas was hard to come by along Fisherville Road yesterday as residents prepared for the expected snowstorm.

Cumberland Farms ran out of fuel at noon, a woman there said, and the Fisherville Road Circle K Irving ran dry about four hours later, an employee there said.

Cumberland Farms was scheduled to receive more gas last night, but had not by 6 p.m. The Circle K was also due to refill its tanks sometime last night.

“It’s the norm to be this busy,” the Circle K representative said, “but I think we got extra slammed because Cumby’s ran out so early.”

The forecast called for 8 to 14 inches in the Concord area by this afternoon.

Sounds like a typical storm. We have known that this storm was coming for days. So what do people do? Wait until the last moment.

So much for being prepared. Being prepared means NOT waiting until the last minute. How many of these folks could have filled up their fuel tanks on Friday or Thursday on their way home from work? Same goes for food and milk. Sounds to me like the motto in NH should be Live Free and Wait Until the Last Moment. Sure, there are those that truly needed to be out getting prepared for the big storm but most could have been prepared a day or two before. Must be either this new younger generation, an older generation that has grown lazy and now waits until the last moment, or those from south of the boarder who panic at everything, or maybe with all the things to do to get ready for Christmas (not the holidays) people just panicked. Not me. This is just winter in NH and who doesn't have enough food around for a few days or enough gas for the generator? That is if you are a true New Englander who is always prepared. It's just snow: not a hurricane or a tornado. We knew this was coming our way days ago. Have fun playing in the snow,

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