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Cecile Marini: a letter writer who said it with panache

The Monitor opinion pages would be nothing without local contributors, and among local contributors few were as opinionated as Cecile Marini of Epsom.

Close readers might have noticed Marini’s obituary in Monday’s edition. As the writer noted, Marini “liked to express her views.” And how! Marini seemed worked up about everything. The Monitor published lots (and lots) of her zingy letters to the editor. For instance, here’s what she had to say about:

Ovide Lamontagne, the 2012 Republican gubernatorial candidate, who Marini believed saw women as second-class citizens: “Until he can walk in our shoes and carry a baby for nine months while holding a job, raising a family, doing the shopping, cooking, washing and trying not to get pregnant with another child, he should shut his flapping trap!”

Death penalty opponents: “I am so sick of these bleeding-heart liberals who are absolutely opposed to the death penalty, saying they cannot see any good coming from taking a killer’s life. Well, I can. For one thing, these scum will not be looking at computers or TV or going to the library to see how they can go to court time after time to fight for their rights when they thought nothing of taking away the life and rights of another human being.”

Donald Trump: “If Donald Trump runs for president I would vote for him in a snap. He really tells it like it is, and he means it!

Republicans: “It really makes me sick how House Speaker John Boehner and his crowd of millionaires are holding the whole country up so they won’t have to pay their fair share in taxes. You talk about ‘greed’ – they are the epitome of it. They are a sad commentary on the Republican Party. I would never trust the Republicans ever again because they are all out for no one but themselves! The hell with everyone else!”

Congress: “Well, they’ve gone and done it! They have thrown the whole country over the cliff by both parties being too fat-headed to think of anyone but their own egotistical selves.”

The National Rifle Association: “It appears that the NRA is a bunch of bullies who are trying to force us into their point of view! Their tactics smack of Hitler and his Gestapo; we certainly don’t need those killers again. Nobody needs people walking around with an assault weapon in their hands, menacing everyone in sight. . . . The idea that the Second Amendment protects this activity is just one big crock of you-know-what!”

Sen. Kelly Ayotte: “I will not call her ‘Senator,’ because she doesn’t deserve it, and I say shame, shame on the people who voted her in!”

The accused Boston Marathon bomber: “I am wondering why the government didn’t come to the same conclusion as I did about the burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Give him the same burial we gave Osama Bin Laden.”

President Obama’s travel: “I understand that President Obama plans to take a trip to Africa and it will cost the taxpayers over $100 million for him to do this! Does he think that we are his private piggy bank?”

The president’s health care plan: “Sorry, but if this is the best we can do for a ‘president,’ we are all in deep trouble. He sounds like one of the dictators of the East.”

Bob Smith’s return to politics: He is “a big, burly bully who thinks everyone likes him rather than Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. He’s got to be kidding!”

Former House speaker Bill O’Brien: “Can we please, please not re-elect this fanatical idiot!”

Unionized state workers: “I have been reading about the union for the workers on New Hampshire’s payroll, and it makes me sick that they assume they are entitled to everything they demand when thousands of people are out of work!”

Writers of letters endorsing political candidates: “Boring, boring, boring!”

Adieu, Cecile Marini. Our pages will lose some zest without your presence.

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