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Letter: Your ‘editorial expertise’ stinks!

Yesterday’s Forum page noted the death of longtime Monitor letter-writer Cecile Marini of Epsom. But then, one final Marini letter arrived in the morning mail. Her family sent it along, unopened, with a note indicating that they had found it in her pocket at the time of her death. Here’s what she had to say:

The Monitor “Opinion” page on Dec. 11 was really, really bad and sad.

You can’t tell me that only three people wrote in with their opinion, because I know for a fact that people write in and you do not put them in. Are you trying to get rid of the section of our opinions? I have written in, and maybe four weeks or more later I might see it in print. What, we are not interesting enough for you?

Guess what? It’s our opinion, not yours. That’s what the section was originally created for! Not you!

Your “editorial expertise” stinks!

I know I won’t see this in print.



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We've lost a great contributor to our online forum. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

Title is 100% CORRECT

I seldom, if ever agreed with Cecile but her last letter is truly a great example of her style and her passion. My heartfelt condolences to her family.

Now that right there would be some divine irony in one’s last words. Of course, who are we to say she’s not seen it in print? (I wonder if she neverthless welcomes Concord Monitor delivery in whatever afterlife may await.)

I so enjoyed reading Cecile's letters and will miss them. She called it like she saw it! We need more folks like her out there. My sympathies to her family and know many of us looked forward to her opinions. Rest in peace Cecile!!!

Ah, Cecile. I noticed her passing and felt sad. My condolences to her family and thank you for sending along this one last word from Cecile. She's up in heaven now, helping God improve the place.

And, unfortunately, she didn't see it in print.

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