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We are not children anymore

When news first broke of students being towed from the vacant parking lot owned by Cumberland Farms, I thought it didn’t seem very fair because students were not aware that consequences could be severe. Then I told myself that it might be good for students to experience how the real world works. We aren’t children anymore.

I was satisfied with the punishment of a $195 towing fee but got fairly aggravated to learn that their parents complained. My parents would have told me to deal with it, using my own money, because I should have known better than to park somewhere I knew I should not have parked.

That those parents are now receiving $100 gift cards from Cumberland Farms, plus reimbursement of the towing fee, is just plain wrong.

If students themselves had written letters of complaint, that might have been a different story. Instead, parents complained while students sat twiddling their thumbs.

My parents might have suggested the idea of complaining to get my money back, but then they would have left me alone to see if I would do it or not. And then, if I did, I might get a pat on the back and such, but if I didn’t, my dad would just laugh and say, “Too bad. Not my fault.”

So the fact that the students did absolutely nothing and got $100 gift cards really irks me to the ends of the earth.

HANUL LEE, senior


Concord students react to parking flap

Thursday, December 19, 2013

When Cumberland Farms had students’ cars towed away from the shuttered convenience store across the street from Concord High School, it caused a kerfuffle. Such a kerfuffle, in fact, that the company eventually decided to pay the towing fees and give each aggrieved family a $100 gift certificate. We asked six Concord High students what they thought about it. You’ll …

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And it would seem that your parents have done a great job teaching you to accept the consequences of your actions. Bravo to them!

I dont think a better lesson could be devised by Big Education. I wonder..are there "Parking for students only" signs at the designated school parking lot? Or can anyone park there? What would happen if there were no signs and the lot was full before any student got there? Would they want those people towed, at the owners expense?

Ummmm . . . does this comment have a point that is at all related to the letter . . . or is this just another chance for a knee-jerk, involuntary stab at teachers?

Hanul, nice letter and you are correct, many parents are just too protective of their young ones. It should have been a lesson for your peers. I side with your view on this! It is good to know that some parents still view their young adults responsibility in that way.

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