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Cars were rightfully towed

The lesson to be learned is to have situational awareness.

Concord High School students had been told prior to this towing incident not to go over to Red & Gold during school hours, when the store was still operating, due to concerns that the store sold a synthetic drug, or “fake marijuana” called K2 or Spice.

Even back when the store operated as Concord Farms, students were not supposed to visit during school hours because teachers on outdoor duty can’t see the front door from campus. Students can’t go to the Irving station at the corner of Warren and North Fruit streets, either.

If high school officials haven’t allowed students to visit that area during the school day, then they certainly haven’t sanctioned parking there.

This is where situational awareness comes into play. Knowing that they were banned from the lot, students didn’t stay away from the area.

After their cars had been towed, the students looked for a loophole to justify their taking advantage of Cumberland Farms’ vacant lot – the loophole being that they didn’t see the signs stating “No Parking.”

The cars were rightfully towed. Situational awareness means understanding that Concord High School student shouldn’t be over there for any reason. Therefore, it isn’t unreasonable that the students’ cars were towed.



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