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Rancher condemned for his racist remarks

Past GOP backers distance themselves

A Nevada rancher who has become a conservative folk hero for resisting the federal government’s attempts to round up his cattle faced sharp criticism yesterday for racist comments published in a New York Times article.

Politicians from across the country who have rallied to Cliven Bundy’s defense in recent weeks denounced the comments and distanced themselves from the rancher.

Bundy was quoted in a Times story referring to black people as “the Negro” and recalling a time when he drove past a public housing project in North Las Vegas and saw black people who “didn’t have nothing to do.”

“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked.

“They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton.

“And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

The Bundy family issued a statement on its Facebook page saying Bundy is a “good man, he loves all people, he is not a racist man.”

“He wants what is best for everyone,” the statement said. “We all know that with the media, words are taken out of context, meanings are twisted, and they can take anything and turn it into what they want it to be.”

Legacy Comments53

And yet the Supreme Court seems to think racism is over and done with in the United States.

No...pretty sure the all know who Al Sharpton is

Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling: separated at birth?

No..more like Fred Phelps and Donald Sterling separated at birth. Both Democrats...both recipients of NAACP awards...

Please cite evidence to support your claim that Fred Phelps was given an NAACP award . . .

His bio

It's true. Phelps was the only lawyer in town in the 60's who took civil rights cases--and did so quite ably. You have to wonder what turned him into a fanatical hater.

He was a lifelong democrat...I love saying that....

Why do you love saying that because it is so rare and you don't get to say it often?

actually no....every prominent dixiecrat save 2 remained democrats too. So..theres that...

Well ok. If you want to go back 50 years. But it is a little rare today isn't it? One is dead and the other is 81 years old. Not like the fine bunch of Republicans that just seemed to have popped up since lets see, 2008,

Well..theres always Al Sharpton...

Or a tea party convention.

Sterling is a major donor to the democrat party

In America, people are entitled to their own opinions -- even the dumb ones. However, if these comments were THAT dumb, why have identical comments been made by such black men as Allan West, Bill Cosby and Chris Rock??

I have to call foul on this one, Fearless. And you should be ashamed of yourself. While all three gentlemen you mentioned have championed a return to the nuclear family, hard work, responsibility, fatherhood, etc, etc. for the African American community in this country - I don't recall a single one of them ever suggesting that "black people would be better off under slavery than in today's society."

Another non newsworthy issue. A crazed freeloader and criminal attracts like minded people. People still have racist views, well you could knock me over with a feather. Ever notice how there is very little diversity in any case involving militia's. The Klan has simply changed their methods of operating. It's now call being patriots, which in itself is obscene considering those that we do view as Patriots. Keep putting these types in th. news and they will never go away,

With all the real problems in the world today..and with all of that to write about...and knowing how liberals think..I predict tomorrows Burns column will be about Bundy..and I bet it does not include any statement beyond what the NYT's wrote...

I was was the other favorite Burns was a 50/50 shot

Hmm if I was like you I would have written today about the NY Republican indicated for fraud, as you rush to point out any Dem with an ethical problem. But since I think corruption is an equal opportunity for all politicians I won't even mention his name.

Over the last two or three decades, the Bureau has squeezed the ranchers in southern Nevada by limiting the acres on which their cattle can graze, reducing the number of cattle that can be on federal land, and charging grazing fees for the ever-diminishing privilege. The effect of these restrictions has been to drive the ranchers out of business. Formerly, there were dozens of ranches in the area where Bundy operates. Now, his ranch is the only one. In other words, the purpose of the federal bureaucracy's "grazing fee" was never to provide a fair-market value for the cost to taxpayers of permitting grazing on public land but simply to drive those cattle off the land, and their owners out of the ranching business. As a form of coercion, it worked. But it is not a "law" that should command any respect. Mark Steyn...NH resident

I think your source may be mis-attributing cause and effect here to suit his and your far-right ideology: blaming the BLM for the decline in numbers of ranches when that decline more plausibly has more to do with climate change in an already fragile environment, real estate development, and simple economics. Those "grazing fees" Steyn claims are designed to "drive those cattle off the land, and their owners out of the ranching business, are far below market value: "The grazing fees are not determined by the BLM.  They are a based on a formula which was originally set by Congress in the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978 and modified via executive order (Order 12548 — Grazing Fees) under President Ronald Reagan in 1986.  The fee falls and rises based on the cost of livestock production, beef cattle prices and current private grazing land lease rates.  Known as the per animal unit month (AUM), today it is $1.35, compared to the $1.23 per AUM that it was in 1966.  This is actually a decrease  when adjusted for inflation, as $1.23 in 1966 would convert to $25.40 in 2013." And here's what one Nevada newspaper has to say about Bundy: "Despite having no legal right to do so and in defiance of federal court orders, Bundy has continued to graze his cattle throughout the Gold Butte area without paying a penny to do so for decades, competing with tortoises for food, hindering the restoration of extensive wildfires, trampling rare plants, damaging ancient American Indian cultural sites, and threatening the safety of re-creationists. A drive along Gold Butte Road will often require that you dodge trespassing cattle. Surveys by the BLM have found well over 1,000 cattle — many in easily damaged freshwater springs and riparian areas on public lands managed by the National Park Service and State of Nevada as well as the BLM. BTW: Relying on Mark Steyn for an accurate accounting of the facts on anything is risky. His repeatedly cavalier attitude toward the truth has resulted in a protracted law suit against National Review, Steyn, and another writer, while jeopardizing the financial well-being and even the continued existence of National Review, which published Steyn's rants regularly, much to its later regret.

Of course Bundy is not responsible for their plight. But this whole Bundy underscores just how deeply rooted one aspect of the race issue is rooted. At the first mention of the word negro, politicians scattered and ran. No one wants to talk about this particular issue, no one. No government program will ever do anything to change it. There are social and cultural issues at play that defy an easy answer. All that one needs to do is look at Bill Cosby and his views on the subject. The bottom line is we don't owe anybody anything, pure and simple. We as a society choose to help those in need, not because they are owed it, but because it's the right thing to do. We have to break the old you owe us mentality. But even mentioning this topic will result in charges of being a racist.-------------------- The one thing Bundy is guilty of is being a freeloading liar. According to court records, Bundy's parents bought the farm in 1948, so much for farming he land since the 1870's. But say the government is taking away your rights and all the lunatics with guns come out of the wood work and rally around you talking about patriotism and American Patriots. The one thing they don't mention is that their idea of a patriot is Timothy McVeigh.

Your post has a lot of spot on points GCarson. But you leave out a lot. The idiots who support Bundy, have a right to support him, and this issue is not what it seems. BLM is a dept with a lot of power. Like many Govt Depts, they are driven by their politics, who will keep their dept in power, Reid comes to mind, and growing govt, so they can dictate more power. I expected many to be outraged at the IRS. The Dems defended them. yet if the IRS was targeting liberal groups, they would have been up in arms. Cosby is a terrific role model. Sadly the role models in the black communities are Sharpton, Jackson and pro athletes that often times behave badly. Their is no excuse for ignorance, and their is no excuse for allowing our poor communities to continue to become places of violence and dysfunction. Yet that is what we do. If you cannot judge a President on his performance because he happens to be Black, then it stands to reason, that the issues we have with minorities will never be fixed. Many believe, that votes are the priority, not what is best for America.

"The idiots who support Bundy, have a right to support him, and this issue is not what it seems."...It didnt matter who the person was the heavy handedness of the govt response that was NOT supported. Whats also interesting is that this is the first story the Monitor published about this. Heavy handed govt response?? Yawn. Republican says something that we think is racist? Crank up the presses! Anyone surprised??

I wonder if you would have called Washington's response to the Whiskey Rebellion a "heavy handed government response"?

Saw that one on Jon Stewart last week.

I only have one issue with your comment. "..that votes are the priority, not what is best for America." Well the nation was founded with one man, one vote. Not some votes are more equal. This is why a democracy can only work with an informed electorate. Right now that is the problem, we have many groups bombarding us with half truths and innuendos all geared toward spinning the "facts" to their favor. Yes, both sides. So sadly it is not easy to get at the truth. Sadly it is not about what is good for America, but what is good for the special interests and power brokers. I don't buy into the low information voter myth. The ignorant low information voter is no different than the voter that doesn't question what their party is selling, either party.

I believe that with all pols, votes are the priority, they have to get elected to push their agenda. Thus they tell the voters what they basically want to hear to get their votes. Dems will promise more programs, and Reps will promise to cut spending, but will most likely increase the defense spending, and cut corporate taxes. What both parties will fail to tell you is what happens economically, job wise etc, with their agendas. For you to find that out, it takes hours of research. The pols are betting on you not doing that research and staying uninformed. A smart voter is informed and questions every proposal offered no matter which party is offering it. A voter is offered two agendas. One agenda offers more govt spending on all your needs. Going after business, who are the enemy, and more mandates in the workplace so you can sue at every turn. The other agenda, is to stop the spending, balance the budget. and reform programs that do not work. Just like good cop, bad cop parents. The good cop parent does not discipline, and spends lots of money on the kid. The bad cop parent, worries the credit card will top out, and the kid will be spoiled. Which parent do you think the kid will go to when they want more material things, or a later curfew?.

This story moves away from the real story and the valid point that Harry Reid, we now find out, has a deal with a Chinese investment group to sell and develop that land. Why the government needed to swoop in with hundreds of agents, snipers and euthanize cattle is truly troubling. Looks like Reid is behind the whole thing. Although the ranchers remarks were racist in nature, everyone needs to know that many folks in many parts of the country may believe that way. It is just as repugnant to have posters here classify all Republicans as "homophobes, racists, misogynists" or to make statements like "The Tea Party is...........Reich". That is both hate speech and bigotry.

There is not a factual point in your comment. There was a deal with a Chinese Company to build a solar plant but it never materialized because they couldn't get long term contracts for the power, that deal died in July of last year. The only snipers present were the militia loons who took up positions against the BLM. No cattle were ever or even planned to be euthanized. As for the bundy supporters running off the BLM, the BLM was notbthere to wage a war, just enforce the courts of the US rulings. Where did you find this bunch of misinformation?? As for name calling, check the names used to refer to those that disagree with the rights views. It's a two way street. Except when it comes to the tea party, that sounds much better than the "holier than thou white party". But a rose by any other name........

The Carpers are facially challenged--again. Your claims about Reid, the BLM, and the Chinese are nonsense. They are debunked here:

hey look ..politifact again.....the same politifact that rated Obamas lie of the year...half true!..which is it btw?? Go ahead...take a shot...lie of the year...half true...anyone??

Politifact is know in the real world as the PRAVDA of reporting

It's your claim, as well as Itsa's. If you can back it up with facts, do so. It would be a momentous occasion on your part--it happens so rarely.

I was curious, when PBR types does Itsa's keyboard move as well?? Maybe we could get Mythbusters on it.

there is a thingy called google - use it sometime - watch out it might just fix your ailment.

Still waiting for you to back up ANY of your claims on this from reliable, mainstream journalism with verifiable details, rather than relying on paranoid, echo-chamber nonsense from the internet for your headlines.

Sorry. I googled "Pravda of reporting" and got no links to politifact. Perhaps your web page was down?????

It is not the Chinese who want the land, it is the Kochs. The Americans for Prosperity back Hannity and Fox News and low and behold the state takes the land and the Kochs take over the land from the state and throw Bundy off and everyone is happy. You still don't see the point do you? It is not that people are like that in those parts of the country, it is that the Republicans just jumped on the bandwagon without even knowing the details. Any thing to get Obama. And Hannity is an instigator and any real news channel would fire him.

This gives a balanced view from both sides:

Interesting piece. However...the claim about tortoises "needing" cow patties is untrue. It took less than a minute to debunk that claim with more accurate information--which should at least prompt the reader to call into question the accuracy of some of the other claims made in the piece. "Cows trample young tortoises, damage and destroy tortoise burrows and shrubs used for shelter, cause soil compaction, decrease the diversity of vegetation, remove critical forage, and spread non-native grasses that crowd out the native vegetation that tortoises depend on. Cows compete with desert tortoises for the nutritionally superior plants. Cows spread weeds that result in the subsequent diminished food availability for desert tortoises. Weed composition also affects fire intervals and intensity, which affects tortoises through habitat conversion, destruction, and further weed spread, in addition to direct mortality (i.e. burned tortoises). Some of these weed seeds get impaled in tortoise jaws, causing infection and difficulty chewing. Cows need water if they are going to roam around the desert, but artificial water developments threaten desert tortoise by attracting tortoise predators such as ravens, and by and increasing weedy species and decreasing the foods tortoise prefer. Poorly designed water developments can also trap tortoises and cause them to drown. Same for the grates in roads (“cattleguards”) that prevent livestock from crossing fencelines. Tortoises drop down into those grates and can’t get out. And what about that oft-repeated anecdote about tortoises benefitting from cow flops? We call bullshit. We’re not saying it didn’t happen. We’re saying that it happened because the cows ate the food the tortoise would have preferred. If tortoises needed cow flops, they would’ve been long gone by the time the cows arrived in North America."

tsa, it was a good article however I was confused by all the talk of the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project. I fail to see what this has to do with Cliven Bundy. This solar plant was built for the Paiute Indians on their lands. So what is the balanced view of? You may want to read the Ordinance at the beginning of the Nevada Constitution to see just who owns the disputed land. BTW - a hint, it;s not Nevada.

Another terrible day for the media.....another fake story...when will they learn you think???

Talk to all your favorite Republicans who are falling all over distancing themselves from their fake Fox hero about when will they ever learn.

you would think they would actually research the exact comments given the deceptive tactics of the media...but I agree...they dont learn..I'm starting to wonder if the media will one day be classified as a hate group...

Heck even Bill O'Reilly called out his colleague Hannity(though not by name) for his championing of Bundy! What Hannity did was juvenile, short-sighted, and positively NOT journalism. He is a charlatan, snake-oil salesman masquerading as a journalist. When O'Reilly tells you you've gone too far . . . YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR!!!

The left will never dump Hollywood or hold them accountable for influencing young minds. Nor will any black pol that is a Dem ever address the message being sent out to minorities via black rap artists who degrade women and promote police as pigs. Hollywood is big money. Pols take it and look the other way when those donors create so called art that is trash and the wrong message.

I didn't know this was the "Hollywood" thread.

The left do not want any discussion about what is going on in our minority communities. In order to have that discussion, it would require them to look at their failed policies. They want to promote more dependence. For one reason, votes. The vote trumps everything. yet they claim they want to lift folks out of poverty. You cannot do that without taking a stark look at how the policies have in fact increased the problem. Why would any sane person think that throwing more money at failed policies will improve anything? Makes no sense except to keep that party in power, by making folks dependent on them to provide. There are not enough minority leaders out that that have good intentions about improving our horrible handling of poverty and violence in these sad communities. The Sharptons and the Jacksons make money off continuing the cycle. It is the ministers in those neighborhoods that do the best work. Think about it. Getting a kid from a bad neighborhood into a school that will show him that a world exists outside of his poor community where he can excel is something they are against. Why? The thinking has never made sense to me. If all you know is poverty and violence, you will not break the cycle.

You are absolutely correct, RabbitNH. Unfortunately, for minority communities, they are not judged by the color of their skin but their actions. In the Asian community you don't see folks having 90% of children out of wedlock. You don't see the Armenian community killing each other over sneakers. You don't see the Hispanic community bobbing their heads on Jerry Springer. Swedes are not killing people in the inner city. Yes, there are gangs in every community of all races. People do not have an issue with "skin" color or looks, it is about actions. But progressives and Democrats don't want to talk about, for instance, rap music and the negative overtones which define a generation of African Anericans as perception is reality. For those, who are in the majority of that culture, they are tainted by all of the negatives that the news media paint and cover. Their answer always is an excuse made for the behavior based on "well 150 years ago.....white men....." That has nothing to do with the issues at hand, that kind of rhetoric enflames minorities and makes them feel as if they are owed something versus taking the freedom and opportunity they have before them and harvesting those opportunities. I also agree on Sharpton and Jackson, they are race peddlers and the press gives them a free ride. That is where the divide and misunderstanding is. It is not about race or skin color it is about perception and attitude. A minority of the minority are tainting the image of the majority of the minority. To readers of this post, that is not "racist" it is the "reality" of the situation.

Is Bundy responsible for the high unemployment rate of Blacks in the cities? Is he responsible for high abortion rate of Blacks? The dismal state of Black births out of wedlock? its terrible, and its a failure of the entire country. We can do better, something needs to change.

You're right--we can do better. The poverty rate dropped dramatically during the 1960's and early 1970's thanks to LBJ's War on Poverty. Given that the GOP controlled the presidency for 20 of the 28 years between 1980 and 2008, perhaps the "failure" has something to do with GOP domestic policies over the past 3 decades.

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