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Chichester man injured in Hooksett crash

A Chichester man was airlifted to a Boston hospital after his car allegedly crossed the center line of a Hooksett road yesterday, crashing into a car driven by an Arkansas man.

Ryan Dawson, 31, was driving on Hooksett Road, just north of College Park Drive, about 5:20 a.m., when his vehicle collided with a Chevy HHR, driven by John Wayne Beard, 70, of Little Rock, Ark., according to the police.

Dawson was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital. His condition was unavailable last night.

Beard was airlifted to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He was listed in critical condition last night.

His passenger, Gloria Jean Beard, 67, of Little Rock, Ark., was taken to Concord Hospital, where she was in fair condition last night, according to a nursing supervisor.

The Saab that Dawson was driving was so badly damaged in the crash it was impossible to tell whether it was a sedan or wagon, Hooksett police Sgt. Kris Dupuis said.

The crash is under investigation.

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Legacy Comments4

The accident occurred directly in front of my home. We did not see it happen - it was the loud sound of an explosion that woke us up (not the usual sound of a car crash)! We thought the house next door blew up. Within seconds, we ran outdoors, to see the telephone pole split at the top (not bottom), wires dangling, half a car lying in road across the street. When my son ran to see if people needed assistance, he was the back end of the car lying in the field. No one standing around, or walking in a daze! And, within moments, ambulance arrives and becomes wrapped up in the telephone wires - they can't step out, as wires are live and crackling. Fire engine arrives, along with State and local police. My son tried to take a photo of the scene, it was so darn bizarre! One police officer asked him and a neighbor if they "had seen anything fall out of the sky". (Like what, the bodies of the drivers, we thought to ourselves). Then, the police told my son to get into our homes, as a "suspect was on the loose". Suspect? Strange wording, when I would have said, survivor. The police dogs were brought in and the entire field searched; no victims of this unbelievable crash located. (?) We watched, and after an hour, went back to bed ... The power line electricians arrived at around 5:00 am ... power was on and off, and back on finally at 11:00 am. The scene was completely cleaned up, .. no signs of this accident ever happening. No report in newspaper. ... What happened that night remains a mystery.

Earlier, at approx. 2:20 am, a major car crash on Airport Road, directly across from the airport; car split in two; power lines down; police with canine units running through the field searching for the "driver" (survivor) who managed to run away from scene of accident. An ambulance wrapped up in power line. Fire trucks, state and local police on scene; where are the survivors?!? Why hasn't this accident been reported in the news? Would like to know what happened to the survivors. Thank you!

Now you have peaked my curiosity as well, although I did not see the accident or hear about it either.

BeeSting- Wait a few months; CP will ask if anybody saw a guy running away.

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