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Warner Republican to run for Larsen’s open state Senate seat

Warner Republican Lydia Harman filed yesterday to run for the state Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Sylvia Larsen.

Harman, 43, unsuccessfully ran against Larsen in 2012, drawing 30 percent of the vote. District 15 includes Concord, Warner, Henniker and Hopkinton. Larsen has occupied the seat for 20 years, and her surprise retirement last week opened up a floodgate of potential Democratic primary candidates. As of yesterday, only Concord School Board member Kass Ardinger had filed on the Democratic side. Harman is the only Republican who has filed to date. Hopkinton Selectman Jim O’Brien, also a Republican, had been considering a run but decided against it Tuesday.

“I’m excited,” Harman said yesterday after filing her paperwork at the secretary of state’s office. “I think we had the opportunity to learn the ropes last time.”

Harman was born in Concord and moved to Warner in 2012. She has five children, three of whom she adopted from Russia, and runs a real estate business based in Warner. At the top of Harman’s agenda is a focus on jobs and the economy, she said yesterday. Preserving the environment is also a top priority for Harman, who is active in permaculture landscaping, although she didn’t discuss specifics about environmental initiatives yesterday.

As she prepares for another run, Harman said she’s committed to listening to what people from any political party have to say and taking their concerns seriously.

The Free State Project, which encourages libertarians to move to New Hampshire, recommends Harman on its website as a real estate agent to work with in the state. When asked about her involvement with the Free State Project during her 2012 campaign, Harman told the Monitor she didn’t consider herself a “porcupine,” a name given to some New Hampshire natives who are aligned with the Free State Project.

The filing deadline for state office is tomorrow.

(Kathleen Ronayne can be reached at 369-3309 or or on Twitter @kronayne.)

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How do ANY of these posts relate to this particular news item?

Notice how the lame stream media is not reporting on what is going on in Iraq right now. Also notice how the lame stream media is not reporting on all those children crossing the border from South America, and the actual numbers of how many there are.

Exactly what "lame stream media" do you watch? It has been on CBS, NBC and CNN and MSNBC. Richard Engle has been there constantly. I know all about Iraq, and the children from Central America and I never turn on Fox. NPR did both stories yesterday and so did PBS. What the heck do you watch or read? TV Land?

NBC, CBS and ABC are not reporting why these kids are in fact crossing the border. President Obama's extension of the Deferred Action For Children has given the parents the idea that sending their kids to the US will give them amnesty, food and education.. They are getting here by paying Mexicans to put them on a raft, crossing the river and dumping them in the US. The numbers are staggering. Disease is breaking out at these centers including the Mers Virus. (sp). 6,500 two years ago crossed, so far 70,000 and they expect that number to rise to anywhere from 90 to 150,000 this year alone. Our borders are not secure. This should not be happening. Every day there is a new scandal. We cannot keep track of the incompetence at this point.

Geeze not another scandal. What is that Barney up to now?

When GW Bush was President, the hippies in Warner would stand in front of town hall with signs saying "stop George Bush's wars". Funny thing the signs went away after Obama was elected, even though, Obama is a warm monger as well. These are the challenges that you will face running as a Republican..... "The pigs didn't really want a revolution, they just wanted to BE 'Farmer John" . George Orwell.

I'm sorry but you are incorrect on your description of President Obama as being a war monger. If you knew what a war monger even was, it would be clear to you. You brought up Bush, remember? Well he advocated and beat the drum for going to war in the area. Obama on the other hand has done all he could to get America out, or explore every option before committing any troops. So wrong! The challenges that republicans face when running is that people are not as stupid and gullible as they were. BTW - hippies went away with the 60's. It may be a shock but NH has no use for freestaters, we have doing doing fine for generations and have no use for your agenda driven, self serving and anarchist based views.

hmmm... Bragged about his use of drones - I'm "really good at killing people". Planned $355 billion for nuclear weapons program. Pushed for war on Syria. Deployed Special Ops to 134 countries - compared to 60 under Bush. Mandated the Insider Threat Program which orders federal employees to report suspicious actions of their colleagues based on behavioral profiling techniques. Supported the NSA spying program. Launched 20,000 Airstrikes in his first term. Signed the NDAA into law - making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o charge or trial. Initiated, and personally oversees a 'Secret Kill List'. Waged war on Libya without congressional approval. Started a covert, drone war in Yemen. Escalated the proxy war in Somalia. Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan. Maintained a presence in Iraq even after "ending" the war. Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan. Given Bush absolute immunity for everything.

hmmm, how strange if all this is true, the Republicans call Obama "weak" on defense. Maybe he needs to start WW111 to make Republicans happy.

Here we go again - do everyone a favor and look-up the NDAA, or more appropriately, The Howard P. "Buck" McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015. It only covers budget and expenditures, not anything even related to kill lists. The rest of your content was clearly drawn from the conservative book on confusing the subject. Again you said he was a war mongerer, clearly he is not. He has not wanted to invade Syria, drones don't endanger US Servicemen, we didn't invade Libya and so on..... nice try though

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