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Harvard Pilgrim announces expanded ElevateHealth offerings, will enter 2015 marketplace

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s ElevateHealth network will include Concord Hospital and Concord Hospital Medical group beginning in October, the company announced this week.

Starting in July, the ElevateHealth network will also include Frisbie Memorial Hospital and Physicians Association of Rochester, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and Health Partners of New Hampshire, Exeter Hospital and Core Physicians, and Monadnock Community Hospital and affiliated physicians, according to a press release. The network already includes Dartmouth-Hitchcock and its Community Group Practices, Elliot Health System, Elliot Physician Network and Elliot Professional Services, Cheshire Medical Center, New London Hospital and affiliated physicians, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and Foundation Medical Partners, Derry Medical Center, and Southern New Hampshire Internal Medicine, among others.

ElevateHealth will be offered alongside Harvard Pilgrim’s New Hampshire Provider Network on the state’s health insurance marketplace in 2015, pending approval at the state and federal levels. It is one of four additional carriers that have applied to join Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – the only marketplace carrier in 2014 – next year. Others seeking approval include Assurant Health, Maine Community Health Options and Minuteman Health, according to the New Hampshire Insurance Department.

Unveiled last year, ElevateHealth is a partnership between Harvard Pilgrim, Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Elliot Health to establish a care-coordination network. In this model, the partners involved would participate in more information sharing across the network and patients have access to a liaison to help them navigate the system, ElevateHealth President Corbin Petro said.

ElevateHealth officials said the network’s premiums cost an average of 10 percent less than Harvard Pilgrim’s full-network plans. This is, in part, because the network’s “coordinated approach” ends up reducing duplication throughout participating institutions, Petro said.

(Casey McDermott can be reached at 369-3306 or or on Twitter @caseymcdermott.)

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you think Brown will drop his ad that ends with the line that says something like "give us back our hospitals"? I doubt it, because that is all he has.

Maybe he doesn't know. After all, he hasn't lived in NH very long. Maybe some kind soul could tell him.

I still don't understand why with all the conservatives in NH, the Republican party had to go out of state to find Brown, Havenstein, and even Smith.

I suppose you could ask Shaheen, Hassan, Larson, Norelli that.

Bob Smith is a little different situation. He lived in NH for many years and was part of the warp and woof of the community. True, he moved to Florida for awhile (as do many NH folks) but he does have a strong bona fide NH connection. I don't agree with many of his positions but he has paid his NH dues.

Doesn't matter, he is a "fair weather" Granite Stater Just like Brown, Romney, etc. If they can't take the cold and misery of a New Hampshire winter then they don't deserve to represent us. I am not talking about a little break in Orlando here, these people only show up when the worst is over, and then dare to call themselves NH citizens.

Personally, I don't find Bob Smith any more viable than the other imposters. Smith changed party affiliations, not once but twice, upon losing to Gee Dubya in the 1999 GOP Presidential Primary. He's like that uncle you try to avoid at family parties. The one who becomes a giant windbag after he's got a couple in him. Yes, that one. I pretty much agree with "The Little Old Lady From Epsom-dena" (Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny Go!). Bob Smith has had his day, and that day was long ago. Smith is going nowhere.

Excuse me...dat should be for the 2000 GOP Prez Primary. You know what I mean.

Larry, I don't understand your reference to the 2000 GOP prez primary. Can you explain a little?


Larry, I really didn't get it. Not trying to be snarky

Oh, never mind, Larry. I just got it. You were correcting tour reference to the 1999 GOP prez primary.

That's "your", not "tour". I miss spellcheck .

Larry and Tillie (and I feel like this is a disagreement among friends) - I still think that Bob Smith, whatever his faults, is family in a way that Brown will never be. I also think that, no matter what crazy thing he might say or do, it is really from his heart and not something that he checked first with some slick handler. As for changing parties, what's wrong with that? The important thing is that we are all Americans, not Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or Socialists or whatever. Bob followed his conscience and I respect him for that. I don't agree with him, but I do respect him in the same way that I respect Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, Rand Paul, Joe Biden and precious few others at the national level. I think that with these folks, what you see is what you get. I wish all politicians were like that.

Smith was a sitting senator challenged by the Sununu faction of the Republican party and I don't blame him for having hurt feelings, but I really don't think he understands the state now.

Tillie, you may be correct in thinking that he doesn't understand the state now. My point was that I do not consider him a carpetbagger in the way that Brown is. I think he has legitimate NH bona fides. I probably disagree with 90% of the stands he takes, and there is absolutely no chance that I would support him in the general election, but I would not him a carpetbagger.

Well, since I don't think he has a snowball's chance in you know where, it really doesn't make any difference now. I did like him for his caring about elephants, though, (not Republican ones). It seemed to get him a lot of mockery though I forget the exact details.

That's what I mean - he did stuff from the heart. He was unscripted. He didn't worry about being mocked. Agree or disagree, you always knew he was a real person. I will probably vote for him in the primary because I think Brown is a carpetbagging M***h*** and should be sent packing back to where he came from.

Meathead? I hope that the missing letter are not oth and then a word that starts with "f". If so, classy, really classy. I guess that only Kennedys and Clintons can he carpetbaggers, eh?

Rhymes with 'passmole,' and is used to describe citizens of Massachusetts who drive like maniacs.

Oh...Ted Kennedy!

Larry and Tillie?! My rep can take the hit. I mean, but that kind of public pairing could find her in full restraints up at 105 Pleasant. So, Beanie Boy, you disagree with 90% of Bob Smith, but will probably vote for him anyway? Whatsamatta U? If, pardon me....if Bob Smith is the best the GOP can offer, maybe it's time to vote outside the party. Too much sacrilege?

What is it with you people? If BPR is not putting me in a trailer with my hands out, you are putting me in the mental hospital?

Tillie, have you filled up that third shopping cart, the one with the JM Fields logo? Please be careful out on Route 28, cars move much faster than you can push a shopping cart. Let me know if you need more black plastic bags, I will drop some off when I see you on the highway. Look at it as my contribution to the needy.

Larry - I said "IN THE PRIMARY!" How long have you been in NH? Remember the oldtimers who used to say they voted in the Republican primary so they could vote against Mel twice in the same year? I bet Tillie remembers.

Geeze now I am an "old timer."

So am I, Tillie, so am I. Wear it with pride. I'll never be a native but I've lived in NH for 51 of the last 55 years. I've seen the politicians come and I've seen them go. I remember when you could fit all the NH Democrats in one room, and two pizzas would be enough to feed them. I remember when most Republicans were reasonable people. I remember when people from both sides of the aisle actually respected and listened to one another. I remember when trolls only existed in fairy tales.

lololololol...oh man, you really have a way with BeancounterNH will be playing here all week, folks!

BeancounterNH appearing here all week, sold out, SRO (Standing Room Only)....and the crowd cheers!

No offense, Mr. Beanie, but there are a lot of things I would rather be called than an old timer. Makes me think of Walter Brennan, (maybe knowing who that is makes me one). I know what you mean though, I keep getting blamed for name calling by the other side while they are in the midst of name calling. Oh well.

Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean: " Mr. Harden, it's my duty to inform you that the larceny of an equine is a capital offense punishable by death, but you can rest assured that in this court a horse thief always gets a fair trial before he's hung" Walter Brennan passed in 1984 at age 80.

Yeah - case in point - look at TCB's reply to my post on the racism story. And that's actually pretty mild in comparison to all the things they've called you. I think maybe we just serve as Rorschach blots for certain people. Best not to take it personally.

Definitely not Walter Brennan, tillie. More like Minnie Pearl...on acid.

Larry, I have been thinking of the Wizard of OZ

So perhaps now we can say goodbye to the commercials with the sad music and the sad narrator bemoaning the travel time for some Obamacare customers. As I've said before - very few major new programs are perfect right out of the box. This is a major improvement, and what I expected would happen.

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