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Allenstown motorcyclist dies after crash with car Monday morning

A motorcyclist died at Concord Hospital yesterday of injuries suffered in a crash with a car at approximately 7:40 a.m. in Allenstown.

Michael Phelps, 66, of Allenstown was traveling eastbound on his Honda VTX motorcycle on School Street and making a left turn onto northbound Allenstown Road, the state police said. Simultaneously, a Ford Focus driven by Jordan Heath, 22, of Concord was traveling south on Allenstown Road and approaching the intersection. The police said Heath was distracted at the time, traveled through the red light and hit Phelps’s motorcycle. The cause of her distraction is still under investigation by the state police, Allenstown police Chief Paul Paquette said. The police said it doesn’t appear that drugs or alcohol were factors.

Paquette confirmed that Phelps was driven to Concord Hospital by Tri-Town EMS with life-threatening injuries and died there. Heath was uninjured, the state police said.

Michael Kelley, the paramedic who responded at the scene, said Phelps died of severe blood loss. A helicopter was called, but Phelps was too unstable to be flown, Kelley said. He said a bystander was “absolutely instrumental” in getting Phelps to the hospital alive.

“A witness to the accident provided lifesaving care before we got there by using a leather belt to stop massive bleeding from a leg,” Kelley said. The witness has not yet been named.

Kelley said he was dispatched at 7:40 a.m. and arrived at the hospital at 8:15 a.m.

Allenstown Town Administrator Shaun Mulholland said Phelps served as one of seven members of the Tri-Town Ambulance Joint Board, which is the governing body of the Tri-Town Ambulance Service in Allenstown and Pembroke. Phelps was Allenstown’s citizen representative on the board.

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Mr. Phelps deserved better than getting killed by a knucklehead. STATE OFFICIALS; move a bill to ban FORWARD NOW. Call it the Phelps Bill. How many have and how many more must die before something is done??? Do something for the people for the love of God!!!

Cell phones, and especially texting are as addicting as meth. The addicts simply cannot control themselves. Take a ride anywhere in New Hampshire and you will see many, many drivers with their heads and hands down texting away. Liberals scream to take guns away from honest people every time a criminal misuses one. Where is the outrage when huge numbers are dying by texting drivers? Two things should be done, right now. Have cell phone companies shut off texting to or from any phone in motion, and limit phone calls to 911. That is actually easy and could be done right now. Second, police should be able to pull over anyone with their head down in the classic texting position and cite them for reckless driving. Maybe some could plead their cases in court, but just the fear of being pulled over might stop some habitual texters. These people are addicts and will never stop on their own. Meanwhile, some big electronics and telecom companies are getting rich on the carnage.

Distracted Driver. Alcohol & Drugs not a factor. Enough, already. Cell phone use behind the wheel should be banned NOW. I mean right now. Not in 2015, or whatever, but NOW. Let the civil rights yahoos tell it to the family of Michael Phelps. This wasn't an "accident", it was homicide. Negligent homicide, but homicide nonetheless. How many more have to die before we get this one right?

How sad that someone had to die because Mr. Heath wasn't paying attention to his driving.

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