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CRIMELINE: Concord police looking for stolen wallet

The Concord police are asking for help in locating a possibly stolen wallet.

A woman reported that about noon June 1 she went shopping with her husband at Wal-Mart on Loudon Road. When they returned home, her wallet was no longer inside her purse, she said, according to the department.

The woman’s credit card companies later reported that three of her cards had been used at various stores in Concord, Bedford and Manchester within three hours of the disappearance, the department said. In Concord, the purchases included $2,800 for a MacBook computer at Best Buy and more than $1,900 in electronics and other items at Target.

Surveillance footage shared by the police shows a man and a woman, both black and appearing to be middle-aged, entering the stores. They are described as persons of interest. The woman has short black hair, the man a shaved head. They are seen apparently driving away in a silver sedan.

Anyone who can help identify the suspects is encouraged to call the Concord Regional Crimeline at 226-3100, or submit information online at or text “TIP234” and a message to CRIMES (274637). All tips remain anonymous.

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"Da Wabbit kicked da bucket! Da Wabbit kicked da bucket! Da Wabbit kicked da...buck-et......waaaaaaaahhh!!! I killed da Wabbit......waaaaaaahhh!!!"

What did you do to Rabbit?

Nothing. Figured if I made a public confession, the real culprit would soon appear...and she did! Seriously, it appears she's all least 'all done' with RabbitNH as an ID. Stay tuned.

Too bad, though I rarely agreed with her views, she is the only Republican on here that made some sense. And she didn't repeat herself over and over AND TRY TO BE FUNNY.

I hear you loud & clear, girlfriend. Wabbit was never "Just A Little Old Lady Living In A Big Yellow Fortress Off Route 28 In Epsom" neurotic, either! (c:

DL......your therapy routine is not working.

My guess is that someone did not like what she wrote about the people in the picture. It is called censorship by political correctness and feigned "offense".

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Six months does not a robbed cradle make, Wabbit. A rocked cradle maybe, but not a robbed one.

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I don't know, I think it must be something harder than that. I am thinking some Rebel Yell and coke, or maybe they have a still in the back yard, some good ole Epsom moonshine.

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So, you married a paperboy, huh, Wabbit? Cradle Robber.

tillie - I think you just like to argue. There are numerous ID laws; alcohol sales, cigarette sales, open a bank account, buy a house, seems I remember being asked the last time I bought a bus ticket to Logan. Business' would not like the law as they get paid even if the card is stolen, they are happy to take the card. I'm not really sure the CC companies care as their insurance companies pay the cost. The CC companies and the insurance companies just keep justifying raising the rates because of this. Everybody pays higher interest rates to cover the cost and the companies just make money.

Argue indeed, Jim. But 'Talkback' probably spares her husband's sanity. Picture a scene something akin to Gladys Kravitz and her hubby on BEWITCHED; "Abner, get in here! Look at what Itsa and Rabbit are saying about me now!!!".

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You must've been an 'uptown girl', Wabbit, because there was a Gladys Kravitz on every block in my neighborhood. I dealt with a few on my paper route. Collecting from them was always a character-building excersize; "How can I owe you three weeks, when I just paid you last month???!!!

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Ok Jim, have it your way. But selling alcohol and cigarettesto minors is unlawful so the id is to make sure the law is not being broken. If you are an adult and look it, you don't need to show id. The Patriot Act after 9/11 made many financial transactions require an id. Many banks, bus companies and other business require it without it being a law to protect themselves.. That said if you want some new laws, write your congresswoman. If you think companies want to slow down charge transactions while every clerk looks at id (if they even bother to) they you are wrong. You are also wrong that companies don't care about people using stolen credit cards. That makes no sense at all. As I told , Dirty Harry, I am finished with this subject.

tillie favre is finished with this subject, Jim...FINISHED!!!

And with equal hospitality to our "bathtub gin" crowd, the law is all over retail transactions. For instance, no less than ten (10) states use "the law" to preclude retailers from hitting their patrons with a surcharge when paying via plastic.

So you are saying the law will mandate retailers to check id before they accept a charge card? Do you have a minimum for that? How about online? Or cash purchases where you never see the customer such as gas purchases? How do they enforce it? . It is a little different to be dealing with fees and taxes on purchases and telling business what their employees should be checking. I am fed up with this subject, so you can write anything you want any more, I am not paying attention. she's got her hands over her eyes, too; "You can't see me anymore!!!'.

I'd like to see a law saying stores must ask for an ID when someone presents a CC just like when one buys beer or writes the store a check. They don't do it because they don't care if the CC is stolen as they get the money regardless. This simple act would have stopped these people from using the card in these cases.

Good idea.

jim, The retailer may've asked for ID in this case, promptly produced from same stolen wallet. Of course, the two complexions may not have matched up very well, but...

Don't see how they could make a law like that. It is usually left up to the individual stores how strict they want to be. But definitely a store should check anything that is over a certain amount and I am not sure a store is not penalized if they do not use due diligence on a sale.

Hey, "not-not-not"; If they can't make a law to check IDs, then how could they legislate "diligence" on a sale?

With all due respect to our " government in a bathtub" crowd, how is the law going to get involved in a private business transaction? The card company that is out the money and charges the retailer for use of the card could penalize if they seem lax in scrutiny. I worked in retail many years, and believe me there is no love lost between retailers and card companies.

And with equal hospitality to our "bathtub gin" crowd, the law is all over retail transactions. For instance, no less than ten (10) states use "the law" to preclude retailers from hitting their patrons with a surcharge when paying via plastic.

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