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Kuster releases first ad, filmed at Woodstock Brewery, in the District 2 Congressional race

Rep. Ann Kuster has released the first ad of her House re-election campaign.

Featuring Keegan Rice, general manager of the Woodstock Brewery, the ad touts Kuster’s work to lower taxes on small breweries.

“She knows how important it is for us and our growth to add more jobs, add new equipment, and that helps out not only us but also the community,” Rice says.

Kuster is a co-sponsor of the Small BREW Act, which would cut the federal per-barrel excise tax in half, to $3.50 per barrel for the first 60,000 barrels a small brewery makes. The bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee in February 2013; a Senate version is still in that body’s Finance Committee.

Kuster will face the winner of a Sept. 9 primary between three Republicans, state Rep. Marilinda Garcia, former state Sen. Gary Lambert and former state Rep. Jim Lawrence. Lawrence is the only other candidate who has so far released an ad for television.

Matt Gorman, the state spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, responded to the ad by saying Kuster’s support for President Obama is hurting small businesses.

“Her steadfast support of both the president and his failed healthcare law is hurting economic growth in the Granite State,” he said in a statement.

(Sarah Palermo can be reached at 369-3322 or or on Twitter @SPalermoNews.)

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At least Kuster really goes to the brewery, instead of Scott Brown who just stands in front of a fake back drop.

Seeing Kuster in the ad means that sales will increase as those watching the ad will be driven to drink more after they see what a horror show that she is.

Maybe some one should wise up those out of state ads for Garcia. The ones that say "skyrocketing gas prices". I was in ME and their gas prices are in the $3:67 range, while the local Cumberlands' is $3:52.

I hate the AFP ads againt Shaheen - claiming that Obamacare caused people to lose access to hospitals. No, Obamacare didn't do that - Anthem BC/BS did that on their own with their profit-motivated decision-making. It also pointedly ignores the fact that access to hospitals will be restored beginning Jan 1, because more insurers are entering the market this fall. The whole thing might have been avoided in the first place if the state legislature had not blocked the State from setting up and running its own exchange. Ugh.

Makes as much sense as the Republicans suing Obama for delaying the employer mandate while voting 51 times to repeal Obamacare.

I would like to remind you, dear lady; when your hero Obama first took office, gas was under $2.00.

I would like to remind you, dear sir?, that in July of 2008 when W was still President the gas was $4 a gallon here in NH. A recession tends to bring down prices which is what Obama was facing when W left office.

Where were you buying gas? Also it is a typical lib response to try to disparage descent: dear sir?

oops, she might be right, crank. Gas did go up to $4/gal the summer prior to Obama taking office. I'll never live it down...lmao!

I am not disparaging dissent, I merely did not know what sex you are. Excuse the delay in answering I thought you were saying I was disparaging your heritage.

Hey, cranky, may I disparage descent? I'm for ASCENT all the way!

Uh,'s time to go to bed, hun. Gas averaged $1.78/gal when Obama took office in Jan/2008, which means Gee Dubya wasn't still prez that July. Night-night.

Larry, thanks for correcting our misguided friend Tillie. I owe ya' my friend!

Obama was elected in November of 2008, took office in Jan 2009. This is a FACT that can not be disputed. Gas went up to 3.99/ 4.00 a gallon over that 4th of July that summer of 2008 I am sure you can look it up somewhere if your memory is hazy on facts from six years ago.

Yes, "Bette", gas peaked at $4.11/gal in July/2008, but went back down to $1.62/gal by the time of Obama's inauguration in Jan/2009.....

I did not have to look it up, but I am glad there is some place for people to look up FACTS. Maybe it would be helpful to look them up first before posting. Also gas was not the only thing that went down as the result of Bush's recession, The stock market, the value of your home and everyone's 401 to mention a few. So it is very disingenuous to just bring up gas prices as if Obama had anything to do with them when he was elected.

You have nothing to gloat about here, tillie. Gas has jumped nearly $2.00/gal during Obama's admin, a point YOU brought into the fore knocking Gee Dubya for July/2008. Back off on the crack, Bette Davis.

Why do you not read the whole post? Of course gas had gone up from its lowest ebb since we were in the midst of the worst recession ever. Everything has gone up as the economy had gotten better. Your problem, Dirty, is you try to be on both side of every issue and just come out incoherent. You are also demeaning to women posters. I see how you treat Ducklady and me and gang up with your little make cohorts to make fun of people. In someone of your age I think it is very disrespectful

Gladys K, Minnie P, Bette D, tillie, et al; Whether or not it has anything to with his presidency, gas at the pumps has more than DOUBLED under Obama. What in Epsom Circle Manor does that have to do with a 'better economy'? And while I am all the awful things you have indicated, and then some (Charlie Manson has nuthin' on me, so let's fold all the cards over, and give me the $50 now, Wally Bruner!), I do not discriminate with regard to alleged gender in this forum. After all, how can any of us really know who is M or F on Talkback? You may be female, but maybe not for all the whisker-burns you have inflicted here. Honestly, Inland Sea Hag, you really need to be a little smarter when choosing your battles.

You really are an old male chauvinist aren't you? Too late to give you sensitivity training I suppose. If you can't tell someone that signs them self as Tillie or Ducklady is a female, then you are a hopeless case. Please proceed to your cranky old man posts without any help from me.

lmaoooo...oh man, ya just can't make this stuff up. tillie, please take the time to look up "Manti Te'o Catfish story", via those exact keywords. You'll never assume anything of anyone online again. -The male/female(?) chauvinist

That is really rich, you who assume you know everything about me and can't write a simple sentence without some snarky remark in it.

PS-Ducklady is NOT a female poster. I can guarantee that. But what is your obsession with everyone's identity. People don't want their identities out because you want to attack others personally. Progressive tactics are to identify, demonize and shame others so that they will be silenced. If you don't like others opinions, too bad.

tillie, I only know what you've offered about yourself in here, which has not only proven to be more than you can recall, but is probably all BS, considering the source. .

Some one on here once told me not to feed the monster, but here I go. You have called me, hag, needing meds Minnie Pearl, Bette Crazy Eyes, have insinuated I have dementia among other names. All of this is for what reason? Because you don't agree with me? Instead of having a discussion you feel it is necessary to demean the poster. And if it is female you are even nastier. When I am not even replying to you, you feel it necessary to butt in. Sometimes you don't even have a point to make and you decide to name call. When I saw you doing it to Ducklady, I decided maybe it wasn't personal you are just some old guy who thinks he is funny by calling people names.

Poor poor pitiful tillie...who never typed a disparaging word about anyone, ever. Got the martyr thing going on today, do ya? Well, good luck wit dat. For the record, it's Minnie Pearl on Acid, Bette Davis on Crack", Gladys Kravitz & Inland Sea Hag. I'll come up with three more, and a daily sked, so you can map out your week. Btw, I often agree with your politics. It's your style that is so offensive. You like to dish, but cannot take.

Wrong again, Dirty, I haven't been dishing it out to you, I have just been ignoring you until I saw you started in on other people who it seems you also agree with their politics. What's the matter afraid to make fun of someone who might be on the other side. I have noticed that people who love to say others dish it out but can't take it have a very thin skin. Your arthritic fingers must hurt from how quick you have to type a response, Go back to tv land and see if you can find some other names to call me. I have had enough of you.

You have dished it out to me many, many times in the past, Gladys. Many times. Seems you might be "suffering" from Selective Memory. SM is a terrible, terrible, intermittent disease that afflicts some seniors. (c;

Tillie, I seldom agree with you or with Dirty Larry but in this case as in most of his comments, he is stunningly accurate. I don't think that Larry has the corner on name calling, you are quite competitive.

Tillie's Sensitivity Training Camp....LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I have noticed you attacks on Garcia, are you racist? A xenophobe? I mean, those are the questions you ask first when anyone comments on Obambi.

No I "attack" Garcia because she is a tea party Republican. But since you brought it up, wonder why she is such a darling on the Koch brothers. Is it her brilliant record in the legislature? Or is name recognized all over the state? Out of all the Republicans, wonder what it could be?

No, it is racist. It is so obvious as you talk about "women" and how we need to elevate them in to higher positions everywhere but that only applies if they agree with you and your positions. Garcia does not and I believe that you are against her because she is Hispanic. By the way, Tea Party members are UNITED STATES CITIZENS and they are not "beneath" you, they have equal right and are equal citizens.

Kuster is a liberal lawyer professional politician and is the problem in Washington - NOT the cure

Gunta and Brown are not professional politicians?

I guess you have never ever heard Kuster answer a question

Sarah, You ought to have a footnote in here too about Mike Little of Concord who signed up too, with his name on the ballots, but who is not "running" for health reasons. Plus the fact that all these candidates R&D for two districts will somehow have to be condensed to only one when the judge rules in case #297 at the Merrimack County Superior Court that RSA Ch. 662:1 is unconstitutional since Hassan is RSA Ch. 643:1 "refrain"ing to Article 51 execute the Section 2 penalty within the 14th Amendment since we are one of the eleven (11) states in the Union that do not elect our "Judicial officers" and so the representation in Congress "shall" be reduced.

OK Woodstock; you've allowed Kuster to use your facility to film an ad? You've just been crossed off my shopping list. Evidently Keegan Rice hasn't figured out that politics and business don't mix. Of course she didn't mention Northern Pass. That's a real issue and campaigning for low tax beer should be a safe issue.

Is Northern Pass a congressional issue? Thought not.

Maybe some one should tell Havenstein that politics and business don't mix. That is his whole rationale for running. See how many politicians you can find that don't campaign at businesses.

What about all the business that have political signs outside their buildings? You crossing them off your shopping list too? Or could it just be Democratic businesses you are dropping off your shopping list?

Most everybody likes beer, and it allows Rep. Kuster to promote herself, but what does she have to say about Northern Pass? Her rivals have vey recently taken stands on the project, defined their positions. They aren't ducking the issue. Why isn't Kuster defining her stance, even if to reiterate something she may have said earlier? Woodstock is on the proposed route, and Northern Pass is on everyone's mind. It's dumb to go north and not comment on it.

What does she have to say? "NP is not in the Mid East!"

Good one! I almost forgot about that, well did until now. hahahahaha!!!

That is it? That's all you got? Not much, some people have to just keep harping on Al Gore after 20 years not realizing he is not in politics anymore. If there was a contest who says the most stupidest statements, Republicans would be the big winners. The only problem is they don't even know they what they are saying is stupid.

You got me with that one...all you people harping on Al Gore in this thread...stop it!

most stupidest win

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