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Boutin responds to bar video, apologizes for lapse in judgement

Republican state Sen. David Boutin responded yesterday to a video that appears to show him intoxicated at a bar, saying he was trying to defend a woman and took it too far.

The video, released in two parts on the conservative website Granite Grok, shows the senator arguing with two unidentified men. It’s unclear when or where the footage was shot.

Boutin, who is in the final stretch of a primary challenge, said the confrontation happened more than a year ago at the Asian Breeze restaurant in Hooksett and involved “a disagreement with two men who I observed bothering a woman.”

“My immediate reaction was to come to the defense of the woman who was being badgered,” he said. “After sharing my opinion, I should have known better and just walked away. It was an error in judgment, and I apologize to my constituents.”

He declined to comment on whether he was intoxicated at the time.

Jeremy Blackman

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Look at that, dirty tricks by Republicans against one of their own.

Tillie, for once I agree with you. Look what they did to Howard Pearl! His crime is daring to challenge one of the good ole' boys in the primary. Dig into it, you'll find the truth.

dirty? dirty? You rang, Gladys? Seriously, nobody could pull any such "trick" on soon-to-be ex-Senator Boutin, if he had any brains at all. An elected state official, of any ranking, shouldn't be so snookered in public. All his drinking should take place under a private roof; not at the local bar. What a clown.

Hey Larry; Times change. Evidently you never were around for the good old days at the Highway Hotel, at the traffic circle, where Hanafords's is now. Hardy a sober breath was drawn. Now, them wuz the good ol' dazes!

crank, Should've spent your nostalgic tour of yesterdrunk on Senator Boutin. You guys could still get together and reminisce about the painted turtles down at the Hawaiian Isle II. I'm talking about the ones in the fake pond by the cash register, not the ones in little black dresses at the bar. (c;

How about the actin' up that used to go on at the China Dragon? BTW, Larry, were you Local 633 or 25?

Sorry, I never set foot inside the China Dragon. Am envious of your '60s/'70s resume, however...lol. Regarding the Teamsters, I was just plain loco.

I wouldn't be so sure. Boutin is a traditional Republican with a strong, moderately conservative record. He raised the ire of the Granite Groksters--hard right and opposed to any and every tax there is or ever will be, by voting for the niggardly gas tax increase.Cormier, on the other hand, fits right (no pun intended) in with the Groksters in her extreme views. Should she win the primary, there will be an opening for a moderate Democrat to take the seat in that conservative district. In an off-year election, in a purple/blue state, all bets are off. But as played out in other states, the Tea Party/Grokster types would rather eat their own in the name of ideological purity than compromise their "values".

Bruce, Good to see you take a break from the marathon Jello wrestling match you had going with Jack "Howard Sprague" Dodson. Sheeshk, you two should've chipped in on a private chat room. Regarding Boutin, he's all done. I'm so confident of this, I'd bet you a free drink at the Asian Breeze, but I don't drink. And if I did, it wouldn't be there.

I agree, I used to think the town of Hooksett was named Boutin. around election time.

You agree on what, with whom, Gladys?


Oh, well...it was fun being a NH state senator while it lasted.

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